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Super Mario Maker: over 1 million units sold worldwide, and 2.2 million courses created

A few minutes ago, Nintendo sent a message on Twitter to proudly announce that Super Mario Maker was the Wii U’s latest million-seller, worldwide. Unfortunately, the company didn’t give any specific sales data for each region, and all we know is that the game sold over 1 million units in less than a month.

What’s more, Nintendo also gave an update on the number of courses created since launch. In total, players all around the world have created over 2.2 million courses, with an average of roughly 700 000 courses per week. In total, levels have been played almost 75 million times. There’s no doubt the total number of sales and levels played will skyrocket with Christmas!

In the press release, Nintendo explains that Super Mario Maker is the 32th Mario game to sell at least 1 million units worldwide. In total, the games from the Super Mario series have sold over 310 million units worldwide.

Super Mario Maker millionHow many courses have you created in Super Mario Maker so far?

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