[Japan] Virtual Console line-up for February 24th and next week

This week, three titles were added to the Wii U Virtual Console service in Japan:

  • Gaiframe (Extreme, PC Engine): 617 Yen

  • Onitake-sha ~Onimusha Tactics~ (Capcom, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

  • Sonic Advance 2 (SEGA, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

Here’s the Play Movies for this week’s Wii U Virtual Console line-up (the second and third videos can be found just after the break), along with the line-up for next week (March 2nd)!

Finally, here’s the Wii U Virtual Console line-up for next week in Japan (March 2nd), with three titles this time around:

  • Gyakuten Saiban 3 / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations (Capcom, GameBoy Advance): 702 Yen

  • Atsumete! Kirby / Kirby Mass Attack (Nintendo, Nintendo DS): 950 Yen

Our Release Planning page was updated with those games!

Source: Nintendo



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