[Japan] eShop line-up for June 24th: Mutant Mudds / Fire Emblem Fates / 3D Gunstar Heroes

This week was pretty good for the Japanese Nintendo eShop, with some really interesting titles being released (such as Mutant Mudds Deluxe on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS). As usual, there’s quite a few games on the Wii U Virtual Console, but the star of the week really is Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest on the 3DS!

Bolded are games we recommend.

Wii U

– Mud Attack! Max Vs Dorodoro Seijin (Rainy Frog): 500 Yen
– Punch-Out!! (Nintendo, Wii): 2 700Yen, 1 890 Yen until July 8th

Wii U Virtual Console

– Live A Live (Square-Enix, Super Famicom): 926 Yen
– Image Fight (Irem, PC Engine): 617 Yen
– Circus Charlie (Konami, MSX): 823 Yen

Nintendo 3DS

– 3D Gunstar Heroes (SEGA): 864 Yen
– Mud Attack! Max Vs Dorodoro Seijin (Rainy Frog): 500 Yen
– Fire Emblem if: Byakuya Oukoku / Anya Oukoku (Nintendo): 4 700 Yen*
– Kaitou Joker: Toki o Koeru Kaitou to Ushinawareta Houseki (Bandai Namco): 5 627 Yen

* you can get the other game/route for 2 000 Yen.

Nintendo 3DS Themes

Please click here for the full line-up!

Collectible Badge Center

Some Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest badged were added this week!

CBC Fire Emblem


Source: Nintendo eShop
Via: NeoGAF



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