Iron Fall: Invasion reaches 300 000 downloads

Iron Fall: Invasion is a third-person shooter on the Nintendo 3DS (eShop-only). Playable online (via its multiplayer component), it boasts some rather impressive visuals, especially for the 3DS. And from the looks of it, the game seems to have attracted quite a lot of players, as it has already been downloaded over 300 000 since launch in Europe and North America, on February 13th.

VD-Dev announced the good news a couple of minutes ago, on Twitter:

Of course, all those downloads are because of the free version, which allows players to try one mission of the Single Player mode, and a bit of the online multiplayer (just like Steel Diver: Sub Wars). Then, they can purchase each mode separately, or via a special bundle including both (including a small bonus): that way, it’s possible to only purchase what you’re interested in. If you already have the game, don’t forget to update to Ver. 1.1 if you haven’t already!

Iron Fall

Source: VD-Dev


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