Indie news (Oct. 19) – Blasting Agent / Defend your Crypt: sales and updates, more

Today’s Indie news: sales and updates for Blasting Agent / Defend your Crypt, but also…

  • SDK Spriter

Blasting Agent / Defend your Crypt

The Madrid Gaming Experience will take place from October 28th to November 1st. Ratalaika will attend the event, and will have two games playable:

  • Blasting Agent (Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)
  • Defend your Crypt (Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)

To celebrate, both games will be on sale on the Nintendo eShop, with 15% off from October 28th to November 1st (added to our Nintendo eShop Sales page). But that’s not all! Ratalaika Games is also working on an update for both games, which will add the following:

  • Blasting Agent: new languages, Boss Rush mode
  • Defend your Crypt: new languages, 10 new levels per mode

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the updates will be released, or if they will come out simultaneously.

Source: Hobby Consolas / Ratalaika Games

SDK Spriter

Last week, SDK Spriter (on Wii U) received an updated in Europe. Here’s the patchnotes:


  1. Thicken center axis on grid
  2. Show tooltip for current color as hex
  3. Added onion-skinning of previous frame under canvas


  1. Fixed rotation in Tiles
  2. Thicken center axis on grid
  3. Show tooltip for current color as hex


  1. Fixed coordinate display of warps in Maps
  2. Fixed double-deletion bug on menu


  1. Fixed axis aligned warps
  2. Fixed queuing up of pop-ups on Level exit
  3. Fixed freezing when loading menu after saving in slot 64 and not 63
  4. Fixed to viewport scrolling on DM levels when sprites bar is hidden
  5. Fixed unneeded warping transition on Overworld level load
  6. Fade to/from black warping transition for Overworld levels
  7. Added numeric overlay to the sprites and maps on the level editors
  8. Fixed bug that allowed levels to load with bad maps


  1. Fixed some French text for 9th badge


  1. Fixed French text for Overworld level
  2. Clarified text on the null (top-left) tile

If you don’t own SDK Spriter, you will receive this new update right away if you buy the game (it basically replaces the old version).

Source: Daniel Gump



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