Indie news (Oct. 19): AMA (Drinkbox, Image & Form) / Runner3

Today’s Indie news: two AMA sessions on Reddit (from Drinkbox Studios and Image & Form), but also…

  • Runner3
  • Sushi Princess
  • Power Disc Slam

AMA (Drinkbox Studios and Image & Form)

(Indie) developers frequently pop up on Reddit, for AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything). Yesterday, there was not one, but two sessions for Nindies:

  • Drinkbox Studios (Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Severed): click here to learn more about how collaborations with other indie developers work, the inspirations for Severed, their favorite game mechanics, and more!
  • Image & Form (SteamWorld Dig, SteamWorld Heist): click here to learn more about multiplayer in SteamWorld Heist, why they made the Nintendo 3DS version of SteamWorld Heist a priority, what they were inspired by for SteamWorld Heist, and more!


When they announced Runner3, Choice Provisions made it clear it would feature some radical changes. But going for something new and refreshing doesn’t mean completely getting rid of the past… especially not of characters players have come to love. Today, the developers confirmed that Runner3 would feature some returning characters, including this perfectly round fella:

Source: Choice Provisions

Sushi Princess

Here’s the latest developer video for Sushi Princess (Wii U), which showcases “new gold coins, the dash mechanic, ground bust mechanic, desert, and water worlds”:

Power Disc Slam

Good news for players waiting for the Power Disc Slam update: it looks like there are no more issues with it, and that it should be released next week!

For more details about everything the update includes, click here!



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