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Indie news (March 30) – Chronicles of Teddy / Aperion Cyberstorm

Today’s Indie news:

  • Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus
  • Chromophore
  • Aperion Cyberstorm
  • Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
  • Epic Dumbster Bear

Mutant Mudds Super ChallengeChronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

Here’s the latest trailer for Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus, coming out this week in North America, and next week (April 7th) in Europe:


AcckStudios updated the official website for Chromophore, and revealed that development is currently 75% complete. As mentioned last week, development has been progressing slowly, due to the porting to Unity being difficult, and ex-developers asking for their content to be removed from the game.

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Aperion Cyberstorm

Here’s some videos for Aperion Cyberstorm, coming out later this year on Wii U (via the Nintendo eShop):

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Here’s the Accolades Trailer for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge:

Don’t forget that the game is cross-buy, with a loyalty discount for players who already own the original Mutant Mudds (or downloaded the Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Nindies@Home preview during E3)!

Epic Dumbster Bear

Here’s the latest trailer for Epic Dumbster Bear, which comes out on April 7th in Europe and North America:

The game will feature:

  • Off-TV Play
  • Miiverse Stamps
  • unlockable bonus levels that use the Wii U GamePad to solve puzzles

Our Upcoming Releases planning has been updated with that new date.

Source: Miiverse


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