Indie news (July 19): Indivisible / Infinite Minigolf / Hex Gambit / Nine Parchments

Today’s Indie news: latest devblog post for Indivisible, but also…

  • Infinite Minigolf
  • Hex Gambit
  • Nine Parchments
  • Blade Strangers
  • Kid Tripp
  • Ratalaika Games
  • Flip Wars
  • Physical Contact: Picture Place


Yesterday, the developers of Indivisible posted the latest devblog post for the game. This one is all about Nuna, detailing and showcasing her design and animations. Click here to check it out!

Infinite Minigolf

Yesterday, Zen Studios announced that Infinite Minigolf would be released on July 25th on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. The company also confirmed that the game would offer cross-platform user created course sharing. You can create courses on Nintendo Switch, and then share them with other players on other platforms, and vice-versa.

Here’s the launch trailer:

For more details about Infinite Minigolf, make sure to check out this post!

Infinite Minigolf (Switch – eShop) comes out on July 25th in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Zen Studios PR

Nine Parchments

Here’s the latest video for Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch, introducing Nim the Cleaner:

Unfortunately, Nine Parchments still doesn’t have a release date…

Hex Gambit

With less than a week left until the launch of the Kickstarter campaign (on July 25th), the developers of Hex Gambit shared the latest devblog update for the game. This one introduces another type of minion: the Pacifist, described as a “tricky” character, great to catch your opponents off-guard.

What’s so special about this minion, you ask? Well… it cannot damage your enemy. Of course, it’s not a useless unit: her main ability is called Pacify, that completely disarms a target for one turn… talk about handy! This is the perfect minion to disrupt your opponent, especially since she has a ton of HP, and can actually donate those very HP to allies in need thanks to the one and only healing move in the game.

Finally, she can use an ability called Resonance, which allows her tap crystal pillars for more than the usual 2VP. Here’s what she looks like:

Source: One Man Left

Blade Strangers

Here’s the latest gameplay clip for Blade Strangers, coming to the Nintendo Switch (no release date yet, unfortunately!):

Kid Tripp

Yesterday, Four Horses announced that Kid Tripp (on Nintendo 3DS) had been approved for release in North America, which means we will get proper release details in the upcoming days. It passed lotcheck for Europe a few days ago!

Kid Tripp is also coming to the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo Switch, but nothing has been announced for it yet.

Source: Four Horses

Ratalaika Games

Yesterday, Ratalaika Games shared an update about their current Nintendo Switch projects:

  • one was sent to Nintendo for lotcheck (final)
  • another one was sent to Nintendo for pre-lotcheck check

It looks like we can expect some announcements in the (very) near future!

Source: Ratalaika Games

Flip Wars

Here’s the recording of the Flip Wars segment from the latest episode of Denjin Getcha:

Flip Wars (Switch – eShop) comes out on August 10th in North America.

Physical Contact: Picture Place

Here’s the trailer for Physical Contact: Picture Place on Nintendo Switch, releasing on the Nintendo eShop on August 3rd (worldwide):


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