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Indie news (Jan. 28) – Shadow Puppeteer notice, Azure Stiker Gunvolt sales

Shadow Puppeteer

Shadow Puppeteer Shadow Puppeteer comes out today in Europe and North America, via the Nintendo eShop. Unfortunately, players using an external HDD will most likely encounter issues while playing the game. The developers will try to fix this in a future update, but in the mean time, players are advised to install the game on the internal memory of the Wii U instead.

Source: Reddit AMA

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Yesterday, Inti Creates announced that Azure Striker Gunvolt had been downloaded over 140 000 times worldwide, on Nintendo 3DS!

Via: Famitsu


Yesterday, Headup Games announced that an update for Typoman (Wii U, Nintendo eShop) was released: it includes gameplay improvements, and more!

Abstraction Games

Earlier this week, Abstraction Games announced they were bringing two games to the Nintendo eShop of the Wii U:

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Level 22

Level 22 will be released in a few hours in Europe. To download it, you will need 244Mo of free space on your Wii U or external HDD!


Here’s the latest trailer for Gunscape, which is coming out in Q2 2016 on Wii U (via the Nintendo eShop):

Dual Core

Yesterday, we learned that Gray Fin Studios were bringing Dual Core to the Wii U (via the Nintendo eShop). Here’s how the developers describe the game:

Dual Core is a vibrant, futuristic, “twin-stick” style, shooter, with a strong focus on local co-op multiplayer (up to 4 players). Lots of robots, lots of lasers, lots of aliens, lots of explosions! The numerous retro arcade influences are front and center, but spiced up with a colorful modern style, a generous helping of sci-fi intrigue, and a dash of RPG ELEMENTS! This isn’t an arena shooter (though there is an arena-style arcade mode); there’s a full story mode with a ton of handcrafted levels to explore, and battle through.

Here’s a trailer for the game, which should be released before the end of this quarter:

Via: NintendoLife


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