Indie news (Feb. 4) – Dementium III / Hyper Light Drifter

Dementium III

Dementium IIIA few days ago, Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid revealed that Dementium II Remastered was almost complete, and that it would be released sometime in Q2 2016. The question now is: what’s next for the series? A brand new entry? It’s certainly possible: earlier this week, Jools Watsham asked fans if they would be interested in a Kickstarter for Dementium III.

Here’s the tweet:

Renegade Kid did try Kickstarter for Cult County (another FPS/Horror game), but it went pretty badly. Let’s just hope this one will go better, if Dementium III ever gets a crowfunding campaign!

Hyper Light Drifter

Earlier this week, GameInformer posted an article about Hyper Light Drifter (coming to Wii U). In this one, the developers explain why the game is not a Rogue-like (even though they did toy with the idea in several early protoypes), and talk about the difficulty (which is said to be somewhere in-between a Dark Souls and a Zelda game.


Yesterday, Josh Hano posted another Kickstarter update for Nefarious. In this one, he talks about the History of Nefarious: the original concepts, how the art style evolved, and more. Click here to check out his post!

Turtle Tale

Good news for Australian players: Turtle Tale is now available in Australia (on Wii U and Nitnendo 3DS), with a 33%off discount on the second version.



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