Inazuma Walker Vol. 06 – Inazuma Eleven Ares “footage”

Today, Level-5 livestreamed the latest episode of Inazuma Walker, its webshow entirely dedicated to the Inazuma Eleven series (and more precisely Inazuma Eleven Ares). This time around, the theme of the episode was “Kの食卓” (” K no Shokutaku”, lit. “K’s table”). A lot was shown during this episode, especially toward the end, with:

And let’s start right away with that! Here’s the “footage” from the Inazuma Eleven game, with some tests for the character poses (keep in mind the game is still in development, and will not look like that in the final version):

At the end, Akihiro Hino showed some intriguing artworks of various characters, wearing some special outfits. Unfortunately, he refused to explain what it was all about, so it will remain a secret for now. He previously explained that Inazuma Eleven Ares was going back to the roots, so no aliens and other fantastic things… which makes you wonder what those outfits are all about!

Akihiro Hino also confirmed that the game would not be released on the Nintendo 3DS, which becomes pretty obvious after watching the footage above (the Nintendo 3DS definitely cannot run those character models).

Finally, he explained that with this game, they’re really “resetting” everything: characters, moves, etc.. So even returning characters will feel “fresh”.

The rest of the Inazuma Walker Vol. 06 will be recapped in another post: click here to check it out. This post will have the recording of Inazuma Eleven Outer Code Episode 6!

Inazuma Eleven Ares does not have a release date yet.

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