Inazuma Eleven Ares: more details about gameplay (scouting, Soccer Battles, Tactics Commands), new characters revealed, videos

This month again, Level-5 updated the official website for Inazuma Eleven Ares, revealing new details about the game: gameplay systems, new characters, and more!

Inazuma Eleven Ares – Gameplay systems

RPG Parts

This month, we get details about how you scout new players to join your team. In order to do so, you need to meet certain conditions, and talk to your manager. This involves getting something called “Kizunax” from her, using Yuujou P (Friendship Points).

Once you have that, you need to fulfill specific conditions (like clearing quests). Once you’ve done so, you only need to talk to the player you’re interested in to scout them and befriend them.

But just collecting players isn’t enough: you need to train them. That’s why you can have them take part in Soccer Battles on the field. Those are pretty useful when it comes to scouting players, but you also get lots of EXP. Unlike regular matches, those soccer battles are played in 5 vs 5.

In order to win, you need to fulfill conditions such as scoring one goal, or passing the ball 5 times without getting it stolen by your opponents. If you win, your opponents may decide to join your team. You also get some precious EXP!

Match Parts

This time, we get details about a new feature called Tactics Commands. You can activate it during matches by selecting “Tactics Commands”: this gives you access to 8 commands that apply to the entire team (not just the player you’re controlling), that you have to choose depending on your current situation. However, you need to keep in mind that using this depletes the entire team’s Kizuna Power, so it’s not something you can abuse of: only use it at key moments.

Once you have chosen a command, simply select it to activate it. Among the possible options available to you, there’s something called “Hissatsu Tactics”, which is basically a Hissatsu Technique for the entire team: use it when you want to steal the ball from your opponents!

The various types of commands can be put in roughly 3 categories:

  • Hissatsu Tactics: a special technique that uses the entire team and the entire field;
  • Tactics: allows you to temporarily change the abilities of the players;
  • Formation T: allows you to change the formation of your team during the match.

Here’s some more examples of Hissatsu Techniques:

  • Shoot: Ryuusei Blade (lit. Meteor Blade)
  • Offense: Illusion Ball
  • Defense: Zone of Pentagram
  • Keeper: Majin The Hand

By the way, there’s two ways to learn new Hissatsu Techniques:

  • Leveling up: when a character levels up, and reaches a certain level, they will learn a Hissatsu Technique. They can learn up toi 4 that way;
  • Secrets: you can learn specific Hissatsu Techniques from secret books. Those can be found in stores, treasure chests, and more.

Inazuma Eleven Ares – Toys

When you link a specific Eleven Licence with the game, you can enjoy various benefits. As mentioned last time, there’s Bonus Themes: if you scan an Eleven Licence corresponding to that theme (let’s say, “3rd Years”, aka the licence of any 3rd Year character), you get a bonus.

If you scan the Eleven Licence of a character that corresponds to today’s Bonus Theme “Special Training”, then you get a stats increase bonus. And if you scan Inamori Asuto’s Eleven Licence, you get the same thing but with the next day’s Special Training bonus.

Also, the first time you scan an Eleven Licence, you will get a Secret that allows you to learn a special Hissatsu Technique, or a special Skill. If you scan Ryouhei Haizaki’s Eleven Licence, you will get the Secret for the Overhead Penguin Hissatsu Technique!

Inazuma Eleven Ares – New characters

This month’s update reveals the following characters:


  • Kurakake Kurara
  • Kanime Iderou
  • Segata Ryuuichirou
  • Barazono Hana
  • Mutou Satoshi

Tonegawa Tousen

The website reveals that Sakanoue Noboru is voiced by Takahashi Rie.

  • Endou Mamoru
  • Takunigahara Ponko
  • Shimomachi Kakeru
  • Hashiya Kosaku
  • Kaneshiro Mitsunari
  • Dan Tetsuo
  • Tanoue Ikuto
  • Genba Kouji
  • Minoshima Toshiya
  • Kaname Mizuho

You can find the complete list of characters confirmed so far on this page!

Inazuma Eleven Ares – Videos

Today, Level-5 uploaded a special video created for the SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL, using the game’s engine. It’s not actual gameplay footage, but it still gives us another look at what the game looks like!

Next, here’s the preview for the next episode of the Inazuma Eleven Ares anime series:

Finally, here’s the recording of the latest episode of Weekly Inazuma Walker:

Inazuma Eleven Ares (Switch) comes out this Fall in Japan.



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