Gone Home no longer coming to consoles

In March 2014,  The Fullbright Company announced that Gone Home (previously released on PC) would come on consoles at a later date. In August, Damon Baker from Nintendo of America confirmed that Wii U was one of the consoles the game was being ported to. Unfortunately, it looks like Gone Home may never come out on consoles, let alone the Wii U.

During the KindaFunnyGames livestream yesterday, Steve Gaynor (Game Designer) confirmed that the consoles versions of the game weren’t actively in development. This is apparently due to the financial troubles impacting Majesco (who owns Midnight City, which was in charge of the console ports), as the deal with them has come to an end.

That doesn’t necessarily means the console versions of Gone Home have been cancelled, but it sure does look like it: those aren’t in active development anymore. The writing was on the wall, as it had been quite a while since the last update from the developers.

Source: IGN



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