[gamescom 2016] Paper Mario: Color Splash – Dark Bloo Inn Footage

Today is the first day of gamescom for the general public. And it’s also today that Nintendo started livestreaming straight from the showfloor. The planning isn’t nearly as packed as Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 (it’s mostly a waiting screen with some more or less relaxing music), but there are still some interesting segments here and there… such as the one for Paper Mario: Color Splash!

As announced on Tuesday, Nintendo did showcase Paper Mario: Color Splash during the livestream today… but it was 40mn earlier than initially announced. If you missed the segment (either because it was shown early, or if you simply could not watch the livestream period), no problem: we recorded the whole thing, and you can find the recording just below.

During the livestream, Nintendo showcased one of the levels of the game, called Dark Bloo Inn. It takes place in an haunted inn, where strange events are occuring (like the phone rining, but with nobody’s answering). Ghost Toads are staying there, but they are far from the strangest things in the inn! The management actually called Luigi to the rescue but… they couldn’t even get through to him.

Your main goal in the mission is to gather everyone for a ghost tea party with all the Ghost Toads staying at the inn. To do so, you have to solve various puzzles, and explore every inch of the inn. Naturally, you will also have to battle some enemies, including a rather menacing and rather large Hammer Bro.

The gameplay footage shows some exploration, puzzle solving, some battles, and more. We can see that the humour the Paper Mario series is still there, funnier than ever. During the livestream, it was also revealed that during development, the developers visited a shop in order to check out as many types of paper as possible. As a result, literally everything in the world is made of paper this time around… including the text boxes.

Here’s the recording of segment with the Dark Bloo Inn footage from Paper Mario: Color Splash:

NB: there was also a strange audio glitch during the livestream (which wasn’t caused by our recording).

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) comes out on October 7th in Europe and North America, and later this year in Japan.



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