FUSER (Switch): Software updates (latest: Ver. 1.4, Headliner Spotlight)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various Software updates for FUSER on Nintendo Switch (originally released on November 10th 2020 in Europe and North America)!

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FUSER – Ver. 1.4.0 – Headliner Spotlight Update

  • Release date: February 11th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • Diamond Stage: a real-time spotlight for players to mix the hits in front of an audience of hundreds of other FUSER players. Starting this week, viewers can watch the Diamond Stage 24/7 both in game and in a new FUSER Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/FUSERheadliner.
  • Big adjustments to the in-game XP economy and currency. The new Diamond Shop gives players more options to earn and spend in-game currency on customizable items for their DJ and even new tracks to mix onstage. Diamonds can be earned in-game by participating in events either through playing or voting, and through the single-player campaign, freestyle, and multiplayer modes. Diamonds are only earnable by participating in-game, and cannot be purchased through real money transactions. Plus, Diamonds are the only way to reserve primetime slots on the Diamond Stage. 
  • Upgrades to social interface with improvements to player DJ Profiles
  • More robust Recommendation Engine for players to find mixes that appeal to them via FUSER’s social features.
  • Twitch Drops are now fully integrated into the game, including Nintendo Switch players now, providing players even more ways to earn content by watching other DJs perform on Twitch. 
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Harmonix PR

FUSER – Ver. 1.3.0

  • Release date: February 11th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

New features

  • Live Set Events – These new events add a competitive flair to the recurring in-game events. Live Sets will present a challenge to all FUSER DJs, including leaderboards and prizes for reaching score tiers. 
  • Customizing Freestyle Co-Op – Players will now be able to adjust the number of rounds and the length of rounds for public Co-Op Freestyle sessions. 
  • Hot Clips – Hot Clips is a powerful new creative tool, which allows DJs to preview a disc before dropping it onto the decks, effectively adding a fifth loop to their mixes. 
  • Finding the Right Mix – The update makes it easier to browse mixes players have liked through their profiles, as well as new sorting functions, including alphabetical, most liked/viewed, and date created.
  • Share with the World – This update adds several optimizations for sharing and streaming. Players can now share video from anywhere in the game using native console share functions, and DJs can now toggle an option to select only monetizable songs for streaming.
  • And More… – The 1.3 Update addresses bugs found by live players, adds in separate calibration profiles for docked and undocked mode for Nintendo Switch, UI improvements, and other quality of life improvements. 

Patch notes

  • Go for a high score to earn exclusive prizes with our new Event Type: Live Set Events!
  • Hot Clips is a powerful new creative tool, which allows DJs to preview a disc before dropping it onto the decks, effectively adding a fifth loop to their mixes.
  • Now you can customize your Co-op Freestyle settings in public shows just like with private shows!
  • Streaming FUSER? Use the new “Stream-optimized” filter on the Crate Edit screen to dial in a set of songs that are monetizable for streaming. Check our streaming guidelines for more information.
  • Use the on-board video capture functionality of the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to capture and share mixes from anywhere in the game
  • Check your Profile to review all the mixes you’ve Liked — or check someone else’s to see what they’re into lately!
  • Use new sort and filter mixes to view player’s mixes by date created, most-liked and most-viewed.
  • Save a 2nd Calibration value for Nintendo Switch so that you don’t have to recalibrate when you go from Docked to Undocked and back.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where DLC venue packs were overwriting each other.
  • Fixed an issue where Effects were not working properly with the Rewind function when capturing a Mix
  • Fixed an issue with the Swamp Stomp Reward Icon
  • Fixed an issue where Crowd FX were not appearing in Co-op Freestyle sessions
  • Fixed a graphics issue when evaluating mixes on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed a Playback issue with Muted discs
  • Fixed a cursor issue with the in-game Global Controls panel
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Harmonix PR / Harmonix

FUSER – Ver. 1.2.0

  • Release date: February 11th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Co-op Freestyle Settings – We’ve added the ability to configure invite coop freestyle matches, with options for length of round and also the number of rounds before you return to the lobby
  • Holiday themed crowd FX – Deck out your stage with 4 free Stage FX
  • Switch legibility improvements
  • Fixed issues with calibration
  • Fixed issue where the Party screen doesn’t update during a MP session
  • Fixed issues with Battles rank
  • Fixed resolution issues with album art and other DLC
  • Fixed Multiplayer issue where we were displaying incorrect number for requests, snapshots and rhythmoji
  • Fixed issue where Steam achievement progress wasn’t correctly displayed
  • Fixed issue where requests couldn’t be fulfilled
  • Fixed PC crash in Cherry Dip’d venue
  • Fixed visual bug with Max Level display
  • Fixed crash when toggling FX
  • Fixed hitches when entering the social menu
  • Fixed unlock issue with Crate selection in battles mode
  • Fixed issue with video recording where the intro would be inaudible if all discs were on deck before the mix recording started
  • Fixed numerous character asset bugs
  • Fixed issue where crowd members would play the same animation
  • Fixed issue where public multiplayer sessions wouldn’t appear in the session browser
  • Framerate optimization across all platforms
  • Lots of other minor fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed campaign issue where user would be unable to complete a campaign show if they had reached the snapshot limit
  • Fixed issue with the Echo Out effect

How to download updates for FUSER for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for FUSER, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.



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