Fullblox / Stretchmo now available in Europe and North America, pricing, launch trailers

Yesterday in Japan, Nintendo took everyone by surprise and released Fullblox / Stretchmo: the fourth entry in the “Blox” series (after Pullblox/Pushmo, Fallblox/Crashmo and Pullblox World/Pushmo World). And today, the company also took European and North American players by surprise, as the game is now available on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America!

Nintendo also revealed the European and North American launch trailers, which can be found below. But before that, here’s the European and North American pricing for the various packs:

– Mallo’s Playtime Plaza (Level: 2), 100 levels [4.99€/ 4.49£ / 4.99$]
– Poppy’s Sculpture Square (Level: 3), 50 levels [2.99€ / 2.69£ / 2.99$]
– Corin’s Fortress of Fun (Level: 4), 50 levels [2.99€ / 2.69£ / 2.99$]
– Papa Blox’s NES Expo (Level: 5), 50 levels [2.99€ / 2.69£ / 2.99$]
– Bundle with all 4 packs: 250 levels [9.99€/ 8.99£ / 9.99$]

Here’s the European launch trailer for the game:

Here’s the North American launch trailer:

Source: Nintendo UK / Nintendo of America



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