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Fire Emblem Warriors: some additional details, artworks, and screens

Fire Emblem Warriors – Famitsu details

In case you’ve missed it, Fire Emblem Warriors is one of the games showcased in Famitsu magazine this week, allowing us to get our very first proper details since the reveal in January. Most of the details actually leaked on Tuesday, and you can check them out them in this post. However, there are a few (more or less important) tidbits that didn’t leak, so keep reading!

First, we have the two protagonists, which are original characters: Shion and Lian (we’re going with that spelling until we have the official English names). They’re from the Kingdom of Aitriss, and the twin children of Queen Yuana:

  • Shion: the Prince of the Kingdom of Aitriss. He’s not really interested in becoming a King, and instead aspires to become a proud knight who fights on the frontlines. That’s why he encourages Lian, his twin sister, to become Queen;
  • Lian: she’s actually the older twin sister. Her brother wants her to become Queen, but she has absolutely no desire to inherit the throne, and instead encourages him to become King. She’s a pretty clever woman, well aware of her own faults.

We also have two more original characters:

  • Darios: a prince from the Kingdom of Guston. He’s the one who taught Shion the way of the sword, and he also served as tutor for Lian. Both revere him like their big brother;
  • Yuana: the Queen of the Kingdom of Aitriss, who gently watched over her children as they grow up. As mentioned in the story details below, her husband (the King) died a few years ago. She’s quite troubled by Shion and Lion, as both are unwilling to inherit the throne.

Next, here’s some details about the story of Fire Emblem Warriors. Following the death of the king (Shion and Lina’s father), the Kingdom of Aitriss was left without a ruler for a long period. It would have led to major trouble if not for the kind neighbouring Kingdom of Guston, who helped the people live in peace.

But that peace came to an abrupt end when monsters suddenly appeared from another dimension and took over the kingdom. That’s where the story begins. This is quite the ordeal for Shion and Lian, who have been blessed with a life of uninterrupted peace so far. They get separated from their mother, Queen Yuana, but thanks to Prince Darion from the Kingdom of Guston, they manage to escape.

Most of the interview was already covered in this post, but there’s one additional tidbit/clarification. The reason the developers didn’t want too many sword users (which is why they chose to focus on only 3 games for the characters to be included) is because otherwise, that would have led to balance issues with the weapon triangle system.

Finally, here’s the scans from Famitsu magazine:

Source: Famitsu
Translation by: Serenes Forest

Fire Emblem Warriors – Official website

Today, Koei-Tecmo finally opened the official website for Fire Emblem Warriors. There’s not much in there for now, but we do have some proper screenshots and artworks for the various characters. Unfortunately, there’s nothing for Yuana and Darios for now.

By the way, the icon of the official Twitter account confirms that Anna is in the game, but it’s not clear whether she’s a playable character or a NPC…

Finally, here’s some direct-feed screenshots:

Click here to check out the list of confirmed characters!

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch, New 3DS) will be released this Fall, worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer


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