Fire Emblem Heroes: more details about Ver. 2.4.0 (Grand Conquests, Friend List, new bow types, more)

Today, following the latest Feh Channel presentation, the latest Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes was released. You can find the official patch notes on this page, but as usual, an in-game notification provides a lot more details about what the update added, changed, and improved!

New event: Grand Conquests

In this event, players are separated in three armies headed by Anna, Alfonse, and Sharena. They then have to take part in battles in order to gain control of the continent, and more precisely the many territories found across it.

As mentioned in this post, battles take place in the same large maps as Rival Domains Special Maps, but what we didn’t know is that the event is divided in several rounds. Each Round last 2 days, and is made of a series of battles lasting 2 hours (that’s why during the Feh Channel presentation, it was explained that the score for a given territory was calculated every 2 hours).

The first Round begins at 4AM PT / 7AM ET / 12PM BST / 1PM CEST / 8PM JST.

At the end of each battle, the army with the most points gains control of the territory. At the end of the Round, the army with the most territories under its control is the winner. Naturally, there’s rewards for the army that wins, but there’s also Tier Rewards (earned as you keep fighting) and Quest Rewards (earned by participating).

If you don’t feel like playing (or if you simply don’t have the time to do so!), you can tap the “Help Out!” icon: this will allow you to contribute to the war effort and earn rewards even if you’re not taking part yourself.

Some additional details about Grand Conquest events: each battlefield can only accomodate 200 troops per army, so 600 players (though that number may vary). In other words, not all players will all battle on the same battlefield, as everyone will be assigned to an unspecified number of battlefields (basically, servers). Unfortunately, you cannot choose where you will end (just like you cannot choose your Army).

Friend list improvements

This Ver. 2.4.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes also provides some improvements to the Friend List.

For starters, you can now have up to 100 friends, instead of just 50. Also, the friend search screen now displays friend recommendations, but it’s not based on your social network or Nintendo Account friends/contacts.

Also, on the main friends screen, you can now see the leader you have set, as well as the number of times other players have used them (in Rival Domains, for example). Finally, on that same screen (as well as the Delete Friend screen), you can now see how many friends you have.

Daily Grand Hero Battles

As mentioned in this post, 7 new Daily Grand Hero Battles will be added to the daily rotation from April 11th:

  • Zephiel, the Liberator (Monday)
  • Camus, the Sable Knight (Tuesday)
  • Legion, the Masked Maniac (Wednesday)
  • Clarisse, the Sniper in the Dark (Thursday)
  • Berkut, the Prideful Prince (Friday)
  • Valter, the Dark Moonstone (Saturday)
  • Arvis, the Emperor of Flame (Sunday)

To go with this new set of Daily Grand Hero Battles, a new set of GHB Elite quests will go live (logically called GHB Elite 2). It will be available for a full year.

More details will be provided in an in-game notification, on April 11th.


Starting today, you do not need any Stamina to play (Daily) Grand Hero Battles, Bound Hero Battles, and Legendary Hero Battles.

New Weapon Skills and Weapons to Refine

First, the new Weapon Skills (character-specific, learnable at 5 ★), that can be learned from the “Learn Skills” menu (in the Allies menu):

  • Nameless Blade (Fir: Sword Student; Karel: Sword Demon). Accelerates Special trigger.
  • Forblaze (Lilina: Delightful Noble). Lowers enemy’s Res.

And here’s the new Weapon Skills that you can now strengthen at the Weapon Refinery (using Arena Medals and Divine Dew):

  • Binding Blade (Roy: Young Lion). Becomes effective against dragons, and can be customised however you like.
  • Regal Blade (Lloyd: White Wolf). Makes Lloyd stronger if he’s near an infantry ally that can also use magic.
  • Nameless Blade (Fir: Sword Student; Karel: Sword Demon)
  • Forblaze (Lilina: Delightful Noble)
  • Siegmund > Flame Siegmund (Ephraim: Restoration Lord)
  • Armads > Berserk Armads (Hector: General of Ostia)

Tempest Trials+

As mentioned in this post, Tempest Trials are getting revamped, and reborn as Tempest Trials+. Now, each event will only last 10 days (instead of 2 weeks), and the score cap will be set at 40 000 points (just like Tempest Trials Mini).

Using the “Try This!” function, you can now choose the best difficulty level for your current team (as recommended by the game). Of course, it’s in no way mandatory: the game simply tells you which stage to choose, and you’re still free to go with something harder or easier!

Regarding bonuses, all Heroes will now get the same stat boost as Bonus Heroes during the first 2 battles every day. As for Bonus Heroes, their stat boost will now always be 40% (no more 20% tier!).

Finally, the developers have lowered the amount of stamina required to play (from 15 to 10), and they’ve made adjustments to the number of teams required for certain difficulty levels (previously, more teams than necessary were required).

The first Tempest Trials+ event starts on April 21st! Check out this post for more details.

Special Orb Promo

Every month, there will be a special pack of Orbs available for purchase in the store. The first one is naturally called Special Orb Promo: April Edition, and it goes live on April 12th. It will allow you to get some Orbs at a special price, but also get a bonus at the same time:

  • 21 Orbs (15 Orbs + 6 bonus)
  • 6 000 Hero Feathers (April Bonus)

New Home screen banner

Ver. 2.4.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes adds a notification banner to the Home Menu. That way, you will be notified of events and other important things (like free Summoning sessions) right after launching the game, and of course, you can simply tap it to be immediately redirected to the relevant section!

Other changes

Finally, here’s a list of various other changes made to the Fire Emblem Heroes with this Ver. 2.4.0 update:

  • Skill description text was revised to be easier to understand and more consistent, affecting over 650 skills in English;
  • The Upper limit of Hero Merit has been changed from 4 000 to 5 000;
  • More Sacred Seals have been added for creation and enhancement;
  • Groundwork for the weapon types of red bow, blue bow, and green bow (which are planned for future release) has begun;
  • When the new season for the Arena begins, a notification will now be sent to your device (Notifications must be set to ON on your device);
  • In Settings, an option that allows you to turn difficulty recommendations for Tempest Trials on or off has been added.

That’s all the for the Ver. 2.4.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes! As always, make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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