Fire Emblem Heroes: more details about Mythic Heroes, Mythic Effects, new Seasons

Earlier today, the latest Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes went live: Ver. 3.0.0. Among the many other changes and additions to the game (detailed in this post), a brand new type of Hero is introduced: Mythic Heroes.

Unlike regular Heroes, but similar to Legendary Heroes, Mythic Heroes have special powers. The main difference with their Legendary counterpart is that part of said powers only manifest in Aether Raids.

Mythic Heroes have one of four elements assigned to them, and Heroes who were given a blessing based on that element will get some bonuses. There’s various ways to get such a blessing, and the most obvious is: summon a Mythic Hero.

Here’s the bonuses a Hero that was given a blessing can get:

  • EXP and SP earned in battle is doubled
  • in the corresponding season, if the Hero is deployed in Aether Raids along with a matching Mythic Hero, they will receive stat bonuses.

Two new types of Elements have also been introduced:

  • Light and Astra Season: Lift acquired for successful attacks increased (Mythic Heroes Count x Blessed Hero Count x 10 + Mythic Hero Merge Count);
  • Dark and Anima Season: Lift lost for unsuccessful defenses reduced (Mythic Hero Count (Max of 2) x Blessed Hero Count x4 + Mythic Hero Merge Count (Max of 20)

A new set of Seasons will go live every week, on the same day as the new Aether Raids Season. Like the “regular” Season, each one will feature a set of two elements. You can check out the current season from the upper left corner of the screen, but also on the Edit Raiding Parties and Edit Defensive Teams in Aether Raids.

Finally, some additional notes:

  • a given Hero cannot stack both the Legendary and Mythic Effects (you can change if you want, but when the second one is set, the first one is lost)
  • the new blessings can only be used once, like the previous ones.

Make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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