Fire Emblem Heroes: plenty of details, several characters revealed, screenshots, more

Today, 4Gamer and IGN shared some additional details and screenshots for Fire Emblem Heroes, starting with the main screen (seen in the first screenshot below). It shows various characters (in their chibi form), with some hearts displayed next to some of them. If you talk to those, you can get some gifts from them.

We also find out that the player is actually a hero themselves, that was also summoned from another world (like the other Fire Emblem characters). The only difference is that you never see yourself, though the characters do talk to you directly.

During the prologue, the three main characters are Alfonse, Anna, and Sharena. Quite interestingly, they do not have to be in your party in the main story, which means you do have complete freedom when it comes to setting up your party. You can send 4 units to battle, and you need to chose which ones depending on the type of enemies/weapons on the selected map.

As far as battles go, 4Gamer confirms that skills to help teammates (such as healing) are used the exact same way as attacks, the only difference being your target (your allies, in that case).

When you want to move a unit, you can simply tap to one of the available blue squares. If enemies are within range, then you can also attack during the same turn. With this control method, you can change the direction or action before you confirm it.

An important thing to keep is mind is that if you chose to drag your unit directly to an enemy in order to attack it (with the second control method), you cannot cancel your action. You can always move your finger back to the unit’s original position, but the second you lift your finger from the screen, it’s over: no more cancelling possible.

Naturally, you can change the settings for both control methods, in order to always have the game ask for confirmation when using the slide controls, for example.

During battles, you can see the max. range of enemies, which are represented by red squares on the map. As long as none of your units are within such a square, you will not get attacked during the next turn.

Regarding the illustrations, those are displayed when you use skills or special attacks. When the amount of HP of a unit drops below a certain level, the illustration with damaged equipment/clothes is displayed.

When a unit falls in battle, they automatically return to your unit, and you do not lose them (just like Casual Mode in Fire Emblem Awakening / Fates). And if your party gets wiped out near the end of a battle, you can use some orbs to revive it.

Fire Emblem Heroes may not have a Classic Mode, but that doesn’t mean you should be careless with your units. After all, if they fall in battle, they will get not get any XP for that map, so if you want to train them, you will have to make sure they live to tell the tale.

Fire Emblem Heroes will have the three usual difficulty levels:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Lunatic

Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the bigger and better the rewards you get. But there’s a catch: higher difficulties require more stamina, so you need to think about it carefully before chosing the difficulty level.

An important thing to note about grinding for XP: if you complete a map at the same difficulty level, you will get less XP the second time around.

Regarding the story, we learn that each map is divided into Chapters, and each Chapter is made of several episodes. You need stamina to play an episode.

Next, we have additional details about the summoning of heroes. We already know there are several types of heroes, based on the orbs you use. Here’s the 4 types of orbs:

  • Red orb: allows you to get Red attribute characters (Swordsmen, Red Mages)
  • Blue orb: allows you to get Blue attribute characters (Spearmen, Blue Mages)
  • Green orb: allows you to get Green attribute characters (Axmen, Green Mages)
  • White orb: allows you to get Neutral attribute characters (Bowmen, Shuriken users, Renewal users)

Unfortunately, there is no way to summon multiple characters at once: you have to select the attributes of the character you want every time, even if you go for the same ones.

To get summoning orbs, you can win battle, fulfill objectives (such as completing monthly quests, winning contests, etc.), and of course use micro-transactions and pay them with real money.

For more details about summoning heroes, click here!

As mentioned before, the characters you summon are ranked, with a star system (from 1 to 5 stars). If you don’t end up with a 5 Stars hero, there’s two things you can do:

  • try again, since your chances to get one with the next pull increases (then reverts back to normal once you’ve pulled one);
  • you can increase a character’s rank via Awakening, available from the Hero menu. To do so, the character first need to be at least Level 20, and you need a special item called Hero’s Wings. This allows the character to gain a new ability slot, though they go back to Level 1 (while keeping all learned skills).

Speaking of skills, you need SP (Skill Points) in order to learn new ones. A character can have several skills, but only one can be equipped… you need to chose them wisely before heading to battle! A character gets SP by defeating enemies, or leveling up.

When summoning heroes, you’re definitely going to end up with duplicates. When that happens, you can fuse them with other duplicates of the same hero, in order to get a stronger one. You can collect up to 200 heroes, so you will not really need to worry about making space for new characters (at least, at the beginning!). 

But as mentioned last time, summoning isn’t the only way to get new heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes will also have Hero Battles, found on special maps. Those are basically special events, with two types:

  • daily Hero Battles (change every day);
  • special events (most likely for distributions of rare/special characters)

Naturally, the rank of the heroes you end up with depends on the difficulty level of the map.

Next, here’s details about the other game modes:

  • Arena: fight against other players around the world. Your high score and ranking will determine your rewards—items that can increase your Heroes’ abilities, such as Hero’s Wings for example. You can win several battles in a row, in order to get better rewards (up to 7 times). If you win against a higher-ranked opponent, or use the special bonus characters from the current Season, you get a higher score. Battles are not in real-time: you fight against an AI, based on the score you earned during a specific period of time. If an opponent loses against your AI, you get a reward, so even if you do not actively play this mode, you need to make sure your team remains as strong as possible. You also get XP thanks to those Arena battles, so they’re perfect to train new units. You can see how many times you can fight in the Arena by checking out the sword icon on the screen, and you can spend some orbs to keep playing.
  • Training Tower: special battle scenarioes of varying difficulty, that allows you to earn rewards and XP. You can play them over and over again to keep earning more. Each time you take on these battle scenarios, the enemies and terrain change to offer a new challenge. However, there’s a catch: you need stamina to to take on the Training Tower.

Unfortunately, it does not look like the relationship aspect from previous Fire Emblem games is in Fire Emblem Heroes. According to IGN, “relationship management and the ability to bear children have taken a back seat”, though the game pretty much feels like an authentic Fire Emblem experience. The fact that Intelligent System basically developed the game (with assistance from Nintendo and DeNA) is probably why.

Finally, here’s more confirmed characters (click here for the list of currently confirmed characters, still being completed):

  • Virion (from Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Minerva (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon)
  • Palla (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon)
  • Raigh (from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
  • Lissa (from Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Leo (from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest)
  • Cherche (from Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Hana (from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright)
  • Navarre (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon)
  • Wrys (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon)
  • Chrom (from Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Camilla (from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest)
  • Barst (from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon)

Here’s the latest screenshots / art for the game:

Here’s some more screenshots:

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android, iOS) comes out on February 2nd.

Source: 4Gamer / IGN / Famitsu / 4Gamer



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