Fire Emblem Heroes: all the details from the latest Feh Channel (Heroic Grail, Aether Raids, Book III teaser)

Today, the latest Feh Channel revealed some details about the next Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes, which should be available shortly after this post is live (check out this post for more details). If you missed the presentation, no problem: you can check it out thanks to the recording below!

Despite lasting 13 minutes, the presentation only covered two features: Heroic Grails and Aether Raids.

Heroic Grails is another key item, that allows you to recruit Heroes from past Tempest Trials and Grand Hero Battles. When you do so, the Heroes join you as 4* units, but of course, you can always promote them to 5*. You need 100 Heroic Grails to recruit a Hero the first time, and after that, you need 50 additional Heroic Grails (150, 200, 250, etc.). After the 10th time, you will always need 500 Heroic Grails. You can recruit a given Hero up to 20 times.

By the way, the first time you visit the Heroic Grails page, you can get 200 Heroic Grails as a gift!

The second feature revealed during the Feh presentation is a new game mode known as Aether Raids. In this mode, you get to set up structures and Heroes, before going to battle against other players. There’s two types of structures:

  • defensive structures
  • offensive structures

Those structures have various effects, that can give you the upper hand in battle. For example, one restrict movements of enemy units, while another heals your units at the beginning of a turn. Be careful though: those structures can be destroyed by your opponent (obviously, you can do the same with theirs)! You need something called Aether Rings to set structures up, which means you need to think carefully about which one to pick. You get Aether Rings by… playing Aether Raids mode, quite simply.

Just like the Arena, Aether Raids feature player rankings, but also Bonus Characters and Structures. Each Season lasts one week, and that’s when the Bonus Characters and Structures change.

By the way, in order to invade an enemy keep, you need Aether. Invading one consumes some of it, which gives you a limited amount of movements each day: make every action count! You regain some aether every day, when the daily app refresh occurs.

At first, you can only set up 4 Heroes in your keep, but as your lift rises up, you can put up to 6 of them.

If you don’t feel like setting up structures in your keep, you can jump into action as fast as possible thanks to the Auto Setup feature.

Naturally, playing Aether Raids allows you to get rewards, and said rewards depend on two things:

  • your lift
  • your rank

At the end of each Season/week, you get a reward based on your tier: Aether Rings and Heroic Grails to be precise! You also get rewards based on your lift, but keep in mind you will automatically be reset to the lowest value of your current rank at the beginning of each season.

Finally, the Feh Channel presentation confirms that Book III will start in December. In other words, that’s most definitely when the Ver. 3.0.0 update mentioned last week by Shuntaro Furukawa will be released.

That’s it for this Feh Channel presentation! Make sure to keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)



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