Fire Emblem Heroes: 5th Legendary Hero Summoning Event (Robin: Fell Vessel) now live

It’s already the end of th month, which means it’s time for the latest Legendary Hero Summoning Event! The 5th one takes place from March 29th to April 3rd, and allows players to get the Female equivalent of (Male) Robin: The Fell Reincarnation. It’s (Female) Robin: the Fell Vessel, the new Legendary Hero introduced in this 5th Legendary Hero Summoning Event!

Once again, there’s quite a lot of Heroes you can get in this special Summoning Focus, that features some special Heroes you normally cannot get in regular ones. As usual, the drop rate for 5 ★ Focus Heroes has been bumped to 8%, with the 5 ★ category dropped to 0%.

Here’s the complete list of Heroes included in this 5th Legendary Hero Summoning Event:

  • [5 ★ Focus] Robin: The Fell Vessel. Voiced by Lauren Landa. Artist: Chiko. Comes with an Earth Blessing. Legendary Effect: HP+3, Spd+3
  • [5 ★ Focus] Tiki, the Summering Scion. Voiced by Mela Lee. Artist: Okaya;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Elise, the Tropical Flower (from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest). Voiced by Liv Strander. Artist: Mikuro;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Lucina, the Brave Princess (from Fire Emblem Awakening). Voiced by Alexis Tipton. Artist: Kozaki Yuusuke;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Lyn, the Brave Lady (from Fire Emblem). Artist: Yamada Kotaro;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Sakura, the Gentle Nekomata. Voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker. Artist: Fuzichoco;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Nowi, the Eternal Witch. Voiced by Hunter MacKenzie Austin. Artist: Enkyo Yuichiro;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Lute, the Prodigy (from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones). Artist: Seo Kouji. Voiced by Brina Palencia;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Fjorm, the Princess of Ice (original character). Voiced by Heather Watson. Artist: Maeshima Shigeki. Comes with a Water Blessing. Legendary Effect: HP+3, Spd+3;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Gunnthrá, the Voice of Dreams (original character). Voiced by Carrie Keranen. Artist: Maeshima Shigeki. Comes with a Wind Blessing. Legendary Effect: HP+3, Res+4.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Zelgius, the Jet-Black General (from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn).Voiced by Robert Clotworthy. Artist: Daisuke Izuka.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Ike, the Vanguard Legend. Voiced by Greg Chun. Artist: Kita Senri. Comes with an Earth Blessing. Legendary Effect: Legendary Effect: HP+3, Atk+2. You can also get it by clearing the “Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero” map (Paralogue)

And here’s the usual trailer introducing the Summoning Event and its Heroes:

Keep an eye out on the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages for more details!

Source: Nintendo



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