Ever Oasis: official website open (JP), various details

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally opened the official website for Ever Oasis in Japan, providing us with quite a lot of additional details about the game.

Ever Oasis – Introduction

The game takes place in the desert world of Vistrahda, where being from a mysterious race known as Seedlings bring life to the world with water. The protagonist is known as the “Child of the Giant Tree”, and one day, he ends up meeting Isna, the Spirit of Water. That’s how he comes to create his own oasis.

The game tells the story of that protagonist and Isna, who have to defend the oasis and make it grow, to help the people living in the desert. It’s mostly made of two parts:

  • Oasis: you grow and nurture your oasis. Your ultimate goal is to bring happiness to the people living in the desert. Such a noble goal!
  • Desert: you go on adventures in the desert. You do that accompanied by companions, in order to protect the peace, complete various quests, gather materials, and more.

Ever Oasis – Story

There is a tribe of beings known as Seedlings, living in the desert. Each Seedling is born with a seed, and that seed grows up thanks to water, gradually spreading moisture to the arid desert: this is how oases are born.

But in the desert, there’s also an entity known as Chaos: when it takes hold of a living being, it turns it into a brutal monster. Because of Chaos, many oases ended up destroyed, and only a few of them are left.

The protagonist is a Seedling, who happens to have a brother. One day, Chaos creeps in the oasis, and his brother chooses to sacrifice himself to stop it, and allow his brother to escape.

The protagonist then meets Isna, the Spirit of Water, and together, they decide to create an oasis… the only one left in the world. This is where the story begins: the story of the protagonist and Isna, working together to grow and nurture the oasis, and make sure the people of the desert can have a happy life.

Ever Oasis – Characters

The character illustrations were done by Yoshinori Shizuma.

Protagonist and Spirit of Water

  • Toto (protagonist): as the Child of the Giant Tree, he has the power to build oases, and is considered special even among Seedlings. Together with Isna, the Spirit of Water, he builds an oasis and becomes its leader. By the way, you’re free to choose to play as a girl if you prefer!
  • Isna (Spirit of Water): the Water of Spirit who lives in a small fountain located in the Caala desert. Together with the Child of the Giant Tree, she can build oases. Her dream? Making the world a place where everyone can live a happy life, without fear of being hurt by Chaos.


Those are creatures with a seed on their head. They’re pretty good at trading, and they can open shops called “Bloom Booth” in your oasis. Below, you will find pictures of various Seedlings you can meet in the game.

  • Yunica: the protagonist’s older brother, who died protecting his brother following the attack of a huge black dragon (a creature of Chaos) on his oasis. He used his last strength to make sure his brother could escape alive, and entrusted him with the future.


Next, we have characters known as “Kemobito” in Japanese (English name TBC). They do not open Bloom Booths like Seedlings, but they’re great companion you can bring with you when exploring the desert, and more precisely when you need to battle enemies.

  • Uah tribe (English name TBC): they sure know how to use a spear. They also have a strong sense of fashion.
  • Serkah tribe: they’re known for their stength, and they use hammers in battle. They’re also quite the gourmets!
  • Rikhos (English name TBC): a trible known for their speed, who use swords in battle. They love to play with toys.
  • Noot: creatures who do not live in the oasis, but frequently visit it because they just looove shopping. You can read more details about them in this post (where they’re referred as “Penguowl”).

Ever Oasis – Oasis

The oasis is pretty much the most important place in the game: it’s the very oasis that the protagonist and Isna built. This is more or less your base of operations, and one of the very few places where one can live in the harsh desert. It was created to let people live a happy life, away from the threat of Chaos.

As your number of companions increase, the oasis grows: your goal is obviously to make it so more and more people come live there, allowing you to keep growing it. To do that, you need to make it so the travelers visiting your oasis like it enough that they decide to stay and live there.

This can be done by building Bloom Booths, where they can find things to buy. You can also listen to their requests, and help them. Sometimes, you will need to go find materials in the desert, which is something you can do with some of the companions that have decided to live in your oasis.

The Bloom Booths mentioned several time in this post are shops opened and operated by Seedlings who have decided to stay and live in your oasis. There’s various types of shops, that sell fruits, toys, and more.

When the number of companions increases, and you meet certain conditions, you can go talk to Isna in order to level up the oasis. When it levels up, the amount of greenry increases, and the fields yields more crops.

Ever Oasis – Desert

The desert is where you ends up going for various reasons, let it be to fulfill the request of a traveler or to find some materials, with the main one being fighting back the Chaos that is slowly but surely eroding the desert.

Ever Oasis features a night / day cycle, and this has a direct impact on what you will find in the desert… that applies to both the type of materials you can find, but also the monsters that roam around! When exploring the desert, you can bring with you some of the companions living in your oasis.

As mentioned above, one of the reasons you head into the desert in the first place is to find out more about Chaos. Chaos is a mysterious entity that turns all creatures into violent monsters when it possesses them. But why, and how? And what’s the deal with that huge dragon that attacked the  protagonist’s brother and his oasis?

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when exploring the desert:

  • Switch between companions in order to use their ability, which is useful in battle (enemies are weak and strong against certain elements/weapons), but also deal with various gimmicks in the desert and dungeons;
  • Using wing magic, you can find things hidden below mounts of sands, and more;
  • Using feats, special techniques specific to each type of companion, you can collect materials, open the way, and more.

Ever Oasis (3DS) comes out on June 23rd in Europe and North America, and July 13th in Japan.


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