Etrian Odyssey V: official guidebook releasing next week in Japan, preview pages

Unlike in Europe and North America (where they’re usually released on the same day), guidebooks are almost never released on the same day as the game it’s for in Japan. Naturally, Etrian Odyssey V is no exception!

Today, Atlus announced that the official guidebook for Etrian Odyssey V would be released on September 9th in Japan. It will feature the following:

  • full details about all the facilities that can be found in town, the various Race Skills, the characteristics of each F.O.E., the various gameplay systems, and more. There’s also some tips and recommendations for the skills and characters you should pick for your team;
  • details about each profession, including the bonuses you get with each Title, the Master Skills, and more;
  • a global flowchart, a detailed map for each stratum of the labyrinth, and more. There’s also a walkthrough detailing how to beat each F.O.E. and boss, which also covers quests, special events, etc.. What’s more, the guidebook provides details about the weapons (such as how efficient they are), monsters, and a lot more.

And here’s some additional details about the book itself:

  • Price: 1 850 Yen (+ taxes)
  • Size: A5
  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: Kadokawa
  • Authors: ASCII Media Worsk (Dengeki)

Here’s the cover for the Etrian Odyssey V – Official Complete Guidebook, by Dengeki:

And here’s some preview pages:

The Etrian Odyssey V – Official Complete Guidebook will be released on September 9th in Japan.

Source: Atlus


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