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eShop news (Aug. 23): Dragon Marked for Death / Super Cane Magic Zero

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: more gameplay footage for Dragon Marked for Death, but also…

  • Super Cane Magic Zero
  • Beat Cop
  • Human: Fall Flat
  • Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix
  • Curve Digital
  • Dawn of the Breakers
  • Honkaku AI Tousai Daifuugou
  • Save me Mr Tako
  • Planet Alpha
  • Red’s Kingdom

Dragon Marked for Death

Here’s the recording of the latest Inti Creates livestream, featuring some Dragon Marked for Death footage!

Dragon Marked for Death (Switch – eShop) comes out next year worldwide.

Super Cane Magic Zero

Today, IntraGames announced that Super Cane Magic Zero will also be released this year in Japan (just like in Europe and North America). Here’s some screenshots:

Super Cane Magic Zero (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year worldwide.

Source: Famitsu

Beat Cop

Earlier this week, Crunching Koalas announced they were bringing Pixel Crow’s Beat Cop to the Nintendo Switch later this year. More details will be shared at a later date.

The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Crunching Koalas (Twitter)

Human: Fall Flat

Here’s the Japanese trailer for Ver. 1.4.0 of Human: Fall Flat, which adds 8-player online multiplayer to the game:


Here’s a video for the Rift-To-Go, a new item now available in the Battle Royale mode:

And here’s the video of the winner of the Blockbuster Contest:

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix

Yesterday, Rideon Japan revealed some new details about Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix. The game will feature party Leaders, and each character has different abilities as leader. In other words, you need to choose carefully who you’re going to put as leader, in order to take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses.

Here’s a few screenshots for the game:

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer / Circle Ent. (Twitter)

Curve Digital

Here’s a video looking back at the various Curve Digital releases in 2018, but also beyond…

Dawn of the Breakers

As an apology for various maintenance periods this week, players can get the following as special Log-in Bonuses:

  • [Spirit Gem] x10 (for accounts created before August 21st)
  • [Spirit Gem] x30 (for accounts created before August 22nd)
  • [Spirit Gem] x10 (for accounted created before August 23rd)

Source: Cyberstep / Cyberstep / Cyberstep

Honkaku AI Tousai Daifuugou

Today, Silverstar Japan announced another game for the Nintendo Switch: Honkaku AI Tousai Daifuugou. It will be released on August 30th in Japan.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots:

Honkaku AI Tousai Daifuugou (Switch – eShop) comes out on August 30th in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Gamer

Save me Mr Tako

Here’s the latest video clip for Save me Mr Tako:

Save me Mr Tako (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year in Europe and North America.

Planet Alpha

Here’s the video clip for Planet Alpha:

Planet Alpha (Switch – eShop) comes out on September 4th worldwide.

Red’s Kingdom

Here’s the launch trailer for Red’s Kingdom:


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