eastasiasoft New Year 2024 Showcase: all the announcements

During the eastasiasoft New Year 2024 Showcase, eastasiasoft shared some details about their line-up for Q1 2024 and beyond. If you’re wondering what the company is bringing to Nintendo Switch in the upcoming weeks and months, you’ve come to the right place!

Missed the presentation? The full recording is now available on YouTube:

And here’s the list of Nintendo Switch games showcased during this presentation:

Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom2024US$/€49.99Nintendo Switch
Xuan Yuan Sword 7Spring 2024TBDNintendo Switch
NephenthesysJanuary 17US$/€5.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/PC
Turret RampageJanuary 31US$/€4.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX
Dungeonoid 2 AwakeningFebruary 7US$/€8.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/PC
Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUSFebruary 15US$/€5.99SW/PS4/PS5
Froggie – A Retro PlatformerFebruary 21US$/€4.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX
Violet WisteriaMarch 2024TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX
10 Seconds to Win!March 2024US$/€4.99SW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX
Roxy Raccoon’s Pinball PanicEarly 2024TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX
Sunny CaféMarch 2024TBDSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/PC

Source: eastasiasoft PR (09/01/2024)


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