E3 2015: details about the Nintendo World Championships, demos at the Nintendo World Store

Yesterday, Nintendo gave some more details about the Nintendo World Championships 2015, which will take place on Sunday. The company confirmed that a total of 8 games would be playable during the tournament, including old-school and recent games. One of them is Splatoon, which will be played in a tournament setting for the first time ever.

Nintendo also announced that that the host would be Kevin Pereira, who will be accompanied by three commentators:

– Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
– Justin Flynn

And along with the 8 players who qualified during the qualifiers at BestBuy (they will be announced soon), the following players have been invited:

–  Sinister 1 (Speedrunner)
– Cosmo (Speedrunner)
– TheMexicanRunner (NES Completionist)
– Bananas (Speedrunner)
– Essentia (Speedunner)
– Trihex (Speedrunner)
– Jovenshire (Smosh Games)
– Arin (Game Grumps)

Here’s the announcement video:

Finally, some good news for players who live near New York: several games showcased by Nintendo at E3 will be playable at the Nintendo World Store next week! For more details, check out the official website!



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