Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past video series – Discover Connections

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is the Nintendo 3DS remake of the PS1 classic. Released back in 2013 in Japan, it’s finally available in Europe and North America.

Today, Nintendo of America uploaded the seventh episode of their video series for Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. This one is all about Connections (and more precisely StreetPass), which we already covered in our post about the opening of the official website (click here for more details).

As mentioned previously, Traveller’s Tablets allow you to enter additional dungeons. With StreetPass, you can designate a leader monster, and then send it out along with a Traveller’s Tablet. When you meet another player via StreetPass, you exchange monsters and tablets.

If you beat the dungeon associated to a Traveller’s Tablet, your monster levels up. The more experienced a monster is, the better the Traveller’s Tablets it will bring back from the Monster Cave. And naturally, the better the Traveller’s Tablets, the bigger and tougher the dungeon it leads to. As you can imagine, such dungeons lead to better rewards!

One thing to note about sending out a monster via StreetPass, you first have to pick some things for it:

  • a disguise
  • a personality
  • a hobby
  • a voice

This will change how your monster appears in other player’s Haven… and how theirs looks in yours. If you walk around your Haven, you can talk with the leader monster of other players, and learn about their journey. You can have up to 40 of them, but you can also offer them room and board at the Tower.

Finally, there’s the Download Bar: you can share a Traveller’s Tablet with other players, and then get three in return.

Here’s the seventh episode of Nintendo’s video series for Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past, which is all about Connections:

In the next episode, Nintendo will give additional details about the various types of tablets to be found in the game.


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