Dragon Marked for Death: main theme, digital pre-orders now live (Japan)

Today, Inti Creates shared a new video for Dragon Marked for Death, which shows the recording of the main theme:

Here’s the list of people that worked on this theme:

Composer: Ippo Yamada
Arranger/Orchestrator: SNSM
Producer/Recording Director: Shota Nakama
Mixing Engineer: Falk Au Yeong
Mastering Engineer: Ryo Kawakami

soundtrec Orchestra at Fraser Performance Studio
Filmharmonic Orchestra, Prague at Smecky Music Studio

Electric Guitar: Masato Itoh
Electric Bass: Louis A. Ochoa
Piano: Devin Kinoshita
Drums: Shunsuke Uehara

Recorded & Produced by soundtrec
Filmed by Ernesto Galan
Edited by Phono-Vision

Also, the game is now available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop in Japan. As announced previously, the game is actually divided in two packs:

  • Frontline Fighters pack: includes the Empress and Warriors characters. Those are DPS and tank-type characters, which are more friendly to beginners;
  • Advanced Attackers: includes the Shinobi and Witch characters, technical characters with higher skill ceilings and geared towards more advanced players.

They’re sold 1 960 Yen each ($14.99 / 14.99€), and you can purchase the other packs as DLC. Speaking of DLC, there will be a Season Pass sold 907 Yen + taxes, including additional quest and scenario releasing on January 31st and March 28th (the Expansion Pass itself. Finally, if you pre-purchase the game, you can get the same set of bonus equipment included in the first-print copy of the retail edition

In case you’re wondering: both packs do offer an English language, so if you want to import the Japanese Limited Edition, you’re good to go! They’re not yet available for pre-purchase in Europe and North America, but they should be within the next few days.

Finally, here’s some more screenshots for Dragon Marked for Death:

Dragon Marked for Death (Switch) comes out on January 31st worldwide (with retail release following shortly in North America).

Source: 4Gamer / Nintendo / Nintendo



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