Dragon Ball Fusions: new TV Commercial

As announced last week, a new TV Commercial for Dragon Ball Fusions aired yesterday in Japan. It debuted alongside the latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime series, on Sunday.

Naturally, this new commercial doesn’t show any new footage (not surprising since the game is out this Thursday in Japan), but it does showcase its main features. We can see a bit of the story (with the scrambled Dragon Ball worlds and eras), the many characters you can meet and recruit during the adventure, the battle system, and more.

Of course, it showcases some of the fusions you can get in the game, such as:

  • Kuhan (Gohan + Goku)
  • Karoly (Broly + Goku)
  • Cellzer (Cell + Freiza)
  • and more… including the Maxi Fusion!

Here’s the latest TV Commercial for Dragon Ball Fusions, which is twice longer as your average TV commercial (it lasts 60 seconds):

Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) comes out on August 4th in Japan. On the same day, a bundle including the game and New Nintendo 3DS + cover plates will be released (click here for more details about that). Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been announced for Europe and/or North America yet, but a western release seems unlikely at this point.

Source: Bandai-Namco



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