Dragon Ball Fusions: new video details the battle system

Today, Bandai-Namco uploaded a new video for Dragon Ball Fusions, which comes out next week in Japan. In this one, the battle system of the game (which is a RPG) is detailed, starting with something pretty basic… what happens when the battle start!

When exploring the world, you will encounter enemies. That’s when the battle starts, and immediately, you see the timeline at the bottom of the screen (similar to the one found in many other RPGs). This timeline shows when your characters and the enemies will get to attack/use a skill/etc. Characters on the far right are the ones who will attack first. If there’s no enemy turns in-between your characters’, you get to use Support Attacks.

As explained before, the battle system of Dragon Ball Fusions is command-based. You select various actions to perform, just like you would in so many other RPGs.

Also, there are three types of characters, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Power (strong against Technique)
  • Technique (strong against Speed)
  • Speed (strong against Power)

During battle, there’s a mechanic called Ring Out, that you should definitely try to take advantage of as many times as possible. When enemies are hit by your attacks, they will be sent flying. If they exit the ring, then they will not be able to attack anymore. Of course, you can send enemies flying into other enemies, to try and have as many as possible exit the ring with just one attack.

Next, we have the special moves: they’re basically signature moves that fans of the series will easily recognise. Many of the special moves are attacks, but there’s also support moves that will heal allies for example.

Finally, we have the Maxi Fusion gauge, which can be used for either:

  • Finish moves: if you successfully pull those off, your can recruit characters;
  • Maxi Fusion: an extremely powerful fusions with all 5 characters in your team.

Here’s the new video for Dragon Ball Fusions, detailing the battle system:

Next, here’s some additional details from V-Jump. The magazine confirms that the protagonist (that you can fully customise) will be able to perform an EX Fusion with pretty much any character in the Dragon Ball series.

Here’s a list of EX Fusion you can perform in the game:

  • Majin Satan (Majin Buu + Mister Satan)
  • Kuhan (Gohan + Goku)
  • Gorillin (Goku + Krillin)
  • Ex Pirillin (Chiaotzu + Tien)
  • Tutz (Krillin + Piccolo)
  • Great Saiyaman #12 (Great Saiyaman + Great Saiyaman #2)
  • Ginyuman (Ginyu + Great Saiyaman)
  • Ex Gogeta (Goku + Vegeta)
  • Ex Gotenks (Goten + Tunks)
  • Brapan (Pan + Bra)
  • Vegenks (Vegeta + Trunks)
  • Yamata (Yamcha + Vegeta)
  • Ex Yamhan (Yamacha + Tien)
  • Kurigohan (Krillin + Gohan)
  • Towale (Arale + Towa)
  • Barce (Burther + Jeice)
  • Reguldo (Guldo + Recoome)
  • Cellza (Frieza + Cell)
  • Pandel (Pan + Videl)

When you fuse two characters via EX Fusion, the resulting character will be Human, Saiyan, or Alien. You can find more details about those EX Fusion by clicking here!

Dragon Ball Fusions will also feature a special EX Fusion: Great Satan-man (Mister Satan + Great Saiyaman), which was created Tsuruchi Haya (the winner of the contest held a few months ago, where fans had to come up with an original fusion).

If you buy the guidebook releasing alongside the game, on August 4th, you will receive a code for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta, which will then become your ally (the character is unlocked after beating the game, and the code simply allows you to unlock it right away).

The guidebook includes:

  • details on all 334 possible fused warriors to be found in the game
  • complete wlakthrough
  • plenty more

Finally, we learn about a new features that allows you and a friend to fuse your faces using the camera of the Nintendo 3DS, in order to create a special character.

Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) comes out on August 4th in Japan. A special 60 second-long commercial will air on Sunday, alongside the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Source: ShonenGames


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