Dragon Ball Fusions: new trailer details fusions

Dragon Ball Fusions came out yesterday in Japan, and it’s off to a good start with 40% of all units shipped to retailers sold during the first day. But the game may be out, Bandai-Namco isn’t quite done with trailers, it seems! Today, they uploaded a new one, focusing on fusions.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything really new, but it does show some pretty interesting tidbits. First, we’re reminded that the Metamo Ring is at the center of the game: it’s a ring that allows a character to fuse with (almost) anyone, allowing the player to create impossible fusions. That’s what the game calls EX Fusions.

The fused character that results from an EX Fusion is quite powerful (more powerful than the two original characters, even when put together). They can use a special move, which is basically a fusion of the signature move of the two original characters.

Here’s the EX Fusion showcased in the trailer below, along with their special moves:

  • Colohan (Piccolo + San Gohan): Kamehameha Kosappou
  • Dodoobon (Dodoria + Zarbon): Elegant Maximum Blaster
  • EX Gotenks (Son Goten + Trunks): Big Bang Kamehameha
  • Gohanks (Gohan (Young) + Trunks): Final Masenkou
  • Kuuhan (Goku (Young) + Gohan (Young)): Ryuuken (Dragon Fist)
  • Vegenks (Vegeta + Trunks)
  • Tattsu (Turles + Raditz): Hyper Kill Driver
  • Majin Satan (Majin Boo + Mister Satan): Present Bomb
  • Yamuuta (Vegeta + Yamcha): Rougafuuken
  • Pandere (Pan + Videl): Super Otome Blast
  • Chiaomen (Chiaotzu + Saibaman): Jibaku (Destruction)
  • Ginyuman (Ginyu + Great Saiyaman): Super Milky Cannon / Body Change
  • Beewhis (Beerus + Whis): Hakaidama (Ball of Destruction)

Here’s the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Fusions, focusing on fusions:

Source: Bandai-Namco


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