Dragalia Lost: What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost, Part 2

Today, the Director of Dragalia Lost wrote the second What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost post, detailing upcoming events and changes.

First, he reveals that the Gala Dragalia Summon Showcases (the first one went live on January 10th) will be held approximately once every 2 months. And don’t worry if you can’t get Sarisse (Gala) this time around: it looks like she will also appear in future Gala Dragalia Summon Showcases!

Right now, pretty much all the changes discussed in the first What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost post have been implemented, with one exception: new content. At the end of February, a new type of battles called Void Battles will go live (name is not final). They will unlock upon clearing Chapter 7 of the main story, and will feature enemies that have been transformed due to the effects of black mana (including dragons that have been corrupted, such as Hypnos who previously appeared in a Raid Event).

The difficulty for those quests will fall between Advanced Dragon Trials and Dragon Trials: Master / Imperial Onslaught, with new bosses added on a regular basis. Clearing them will allow you to get materials that can be used to create new weapons with special abilities.

Here’s a look at one of the enemies and some of the weapons you will be able to battle / get:

About Treasure Trade: the developers are planning to add Insignias to Treasure Trade later down the line, though this will not happen “immediately” (despite them having received lots of requests for it).

Future updates for Dragalia Lost will bring several main changes:

  • alongside the changes regarding co-op (see this post for more details), Raid Battles will see some changes. Both hosts and guests will now use otherworld fragments, and there will no longer be any host rewards (making matchmaking easier by unifying the resources used for playing co-op). Also, the recovery time for getherwings and the amount of getherwings expended in each quest will be adjusted. But that’s not all: the developers are also planning to add a penalty system for players who repeatedly go inactive during co-op games. Finally, the developers will make it so that co-op quests are not interrupted when disconnected from the host, by having the AI take over the adventurers in your squad. You will also be able to set a goal when playing co-op, so that you can be matched with players who share the same one as you. Those two changes will not be implemented right away, but at least, we know it’s something the developers are working on!
  • in the future, players who start the game will be guaranteed to get a 5★ adventurer in their very first summon, and it will be one of the nine adventurers from the initial release. Don’t worry if you’ve already started playing: current players will get a 5★ Summon Voucher as special Log-in Bonus
  • the developers are investigating the possibility of allowing players to equip a second wyrmprint per adventurer. While this would require restrictions to avoid ruining game balance, it would still offer increased options for building teams and raise the overall importance of wyrmprints.

More details about the various changes mentioned in this second What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost post will be shared via in-game notifications in the future.

Source: official website



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