Dragalia Lost: 7th Raid Event, Echoes of Antiquity (end of May)

The next event for Dragalia Lost is a Raid Event called Echoes of Antiquity. It will take place from May ??? to June ???, with the period for redeeming rewards running until June ???

Here’s the story for this Raid Event:

Coming soon!

Since this is a Raid Event, players will be able to team up in order to take down a giant boss. To be more precise, 4 players can team up, each bringing 4 adventurers each… that’s 16 adventurers at once! The Raid Boss for this event is called Qitian Dasheng (which is a Wind-type boss).

This event will allow you to earn a 5 ★ Dragon, called ???. There’s two ways to get it: via Blazon Summons, or as an event reward (using emblems earned by clearing quests, and taking down the Boss and Raid Boss).

Just like the previous Raid Events, you can also befriend a character: Xuan Zan. They appear in the story of the event, and if you earn enough points by clearing quests and taking down the Boss and Raid Boss, they will become your ally permanently!

Finally, you can get a new Wyrmprint as reward: ???

Check out the Summons page for more details about the Character, Wyrmprint, and Dragon you can earn via this event!

Dragalia Lost: Echoes of Antiquity – Changes from previous events


Dragalia Lost: Echoes of Antiquity – Notices


Dragalia Lost: Echoes of Antiquity – How to play and Rewards/Summon details

This event features a special character. They’re only available during the event, but by clearing quests and defeating the Boss and Raid Boss, you can increase your friendship level with them. Once it’s maxed out, you will be able to keep using them as an ally even after the event is over (they even come with their own Adventurer Story)!

Naturally, their level, stats, equipment, and position on your party will be maintained if you do unlock them. If you don’t, do keep in mind that any item used to upgrade their level or their Mana Circle, or to promote them, will not be returned.

There’s various story segments and Quests to clear before you can unlock the Boss battle. Once you’ve defeated the Boss battle, you can tackle the Raid Boss in the Raid Battle.

By beating bosses, you earn otherworld fragments: you can then use those to challenge the mighty Raid Boss with your friends or complete strangers during a Raid Battle. During those, all 4 players bring 4 characters each, for a total of 16 characters in battle. There’s 3 difficulty levels: Beginner, Standard, and Expert.  If you’re hosting a room for a raid battle, or joining someone’s room, you will need otherworld fragments and getherwings. If you join someone’s room, you also need to be able to challenge the same difficulty as the host.

If you manage to clear a Raid Battle on expert, you may get the chance to tackle an Extra Raid Battle: there’s no difficulty level, and once cleared, it simply disappears (however, if you fail to clear it, you can try again). You do not need to spend anything to take part in one, either as the host or as a guest (no stamina, getherwings, etc.). However, even if you want to join someone’s room, the Extra Raid Battle needs to have appeared for you in order to join.

There’s also the Blazon Summon: it requires peregrine blazons (obtained by clearing quests, boss battles and raid battles), and it allows you to earn big rewards, including an exclusive Dragon! You can get a resettable dragon as reward: if you do, you can reset the summon content up to 5 times (after that, you have to accept the rewards).

Here’s the list of Emblems rewards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold): coming soon!

And here’s the contents of the Blazon Summon: coming soon!

Finally, there’s two sets of Endeavours to clear: Daily and Limited. Check out this page for more details about them!

Some additional notes about the event:

  • during Raid Battles, certain skills and abilities only recover 1/4 of the usual amount of HP
  • you cannot use blazons, emblems, or otherworlds fragments obtained during this event in another event
  • you need to have cleared Ch. 2 / 2-1 on Normal in order to take part in the event and play in co-op

Make sure to keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Summons page for more details about all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!

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