Daily news (July 21, Round 3) – Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin / Dark Renaissance

Today’s Daily news: latest set of pictures for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, but also…

  • Dark Renaissance
  • Nine Witches: Family Disruption
  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • Fantasy Strike
  • Splatoon 2 3rd Anniversary

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Here’s the latest set of pictures for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (screenshots, character artworks, and pictures of the Limited Edition for Japan):

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Switch) comes out on November 10th in North America, November 12th in Japan, and November 20th in Europe.

Source: Gamer

Dark Renaissance

VLG have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Dark Renaissance, a Visual Novel epic. It will be released in 2021 in Europe and North America.

Here’s a trailer, some details, the list of key features, and some screenshots:

Penned by acclaimed international bestselling author Matteo Strukul – the Italian Master of Historical Fiction – and scored by award-winning composer David Logan, the title blends RPGs, period pieces and graphic novels together to depict the adventures of a Venetian mercenary who must uncover the shocking secrets hidden behind the scientific, artistic and cultural achievements of the 15th century Renaissance.

DARK RENAISSANCE is set in a world where traces of the Middle Ages can still be found in an age of beauty and enlightenment. As protagonist Marco Badoer, a legendary warmonger whose life was shaped by the bloody battlefields of Transylvania, players must protect the economic interests of Lorenzo de’ Medici as his reign is threatened by the mystical Orphic Hymns in iconic cities like Venice and Florence.

Through deep lore, dynamic quick time events, strategic duels, skill and upgrade systems, side quests, historically accurate mini-games and encounters with illustrious figures like Marsilio Ficino and Leonardo da Vinci, players will learn a lot more about the grittier side of the Italian Renaissance. That’s not to mention that the game will include multiple endings for visual novel fans to explore.

  • The darkest and grittiest Renaissance epic ever built in a game
  • A massive historical tale set across the war-torn landscapes of Italy
  • Explore world-famous landmarks such as Venice, Florence and the mysterious swamps of Northern Italy
  • Meet the rockstars of the Renaissance: Leonardo, the Medici’s Family and many other icons of European history
  • Hundreds of opportunities for character development, romance and social linking
  • Unique staged combat sequences blending opera and brutal RPG action
  • A deep housing system to enjoy luxury, drugs, gambling and the notorious Italian lifestyle
  • An original symphonic score mixing and matching ancient and modern styles

Dark Renaissance (Switch – eShop) comes out in 2021 in Europe and North America.

Source: VLG PR

Nine Witches: Family Disruption

Here’s some more details for Nine Witches: Family Disruption:

Travel to Sundäe, a sleepy Scandinavian hamlet with an otherworldly secret. Investigate the Nazi’s sorcerous Okkulte-55 Division and commune with spirits to help turn the tide of World War 2. Harness the eerie powers of Professor Alexei Krakovitz to traverse the astral plane and speak to the dead, then get ready for action as Akiro Kagasawa when things get physical. 

Nine Witches: Family Disruption (Switch – eShop) comes out this Summer in Europe and North America.

Source: Blowfish Studios PR

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

Here’s the launch trailer for Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, now available in Europe and North America:

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (Switch – eShop) comes out on August 20th in Japan.

Fantasy Strike

Starting today, Fantasy Strike is available for free on Nintendo Switch (it was previously a Pay to Play game). If you already own the game, you will get the Founder’s Pack, which includes the following:

  • everything in the Core Pack ($19.99 value)
    • local Versus mode
    • online matches against friends
    • Boss Rush mode
    • Survival mode
    • Arcade mode with beautifully-illustrated narrative sequences
  • 60 costume color sets (over $100 value if bought separately)

There’s also a free update to download. It includes the following:

  • two new characters
  • additional cosmetic items
  • additional animations for the entire roster

If you don’t already own the game, and get it for free, you can buy the Core Pack for $19.99. There’s also a Collector’s Pack, if you have a lot of money to spare. It costs $99.99, and includes the following:

  • everything in the Core Pack ($19.99 value)
    • local Versus mode
    • online matches against friends
    • Boss Rush mode
    • Survival mode
    • Arcade mode with beautifully-illustrated narrative sequences
  • ton of cosmetics
  • an exclusive “Party Time” KO effect
  • one year of the new Fantasy+ subscription

Finally, there’s also the Fantasy+ subscriptions, giving you gems:

  • 1 month ($4.99 value)
  • 6 months ($24.99 value)
  • 12 months ($39.99 value)

Fantasy+ is a new optional subscription service that doubles XP gains, grants access to special Master Costumes for each character who reaches experience level 20, and introduces an extensive new Replay Theater feature. With this, players can rewatch their own matches, search for replays containing specific characters and skill levels, and view an endless stream of replays in the new Ranked TV and Friend TV channels. Players can also adjust the playback speed of replays, scrub through videos, and even frame step for deep analysis.

Here’s the Free 2 Play trailer for the game, along with more details:

A first for free-to-play fighting games, Fantasy Strike now allows players to play ALL characters for free online immediately with no grind-to-unlock. This includes the two new characters, Sirus Quince and General Onimaru, who each add new mechanics to the game. Quince deploys illusions to confuse his opponents and can make these illusions “real” for a limited time by landing his super. Meanwhile, Onimaru uses deliberate, powerful sword strikes that can become unblockable in the right situations.

All Fantasy Strike players can play online in casual and ranked modes and watch the action in spectator mode. Practice mode, solo matches vs. AI opponents, and the daily challenges are also all available for free. Those looking for more can find it in the Core Pack, which provides access to local Versus mode, online matches against friends, Boss Rush mode, Survival mode, and an Arcade mode with beautifully-illustrated narrative sequences. Those looking for a lot more can buy the Collector’s Pack, featuring everything in the Core Pack plus a ton of cosmetics, an exclusive “Party Time” KO effect, and one year of the new Fantasy+ subscription.

Fantasy Strike provides a friendly meeting ground for newcomers and veterans to learn and enjoy hardcore fighting games. Designed to teach and demystify, Fantasy Strike shows players its systems clearly with in-depth video tutorials and innovative frame advantage visual effects. These helpful features are married with other amenities like one-click friend challenges and spectating, built-on-the-fly tournaments, cross-platform play support between all systems, latency-combating GGPO technology, and more.

Source: Sirlin Games PR

Splatoon 2 3rd Anniversary

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Splatoon 2, Nintendo have announced another Bonus Splatfest for the game: it will take place in August. Check out this page for all the details! And that’s not all: there will be two more Bonus Splatfests, and they will take place before the end of March 2021.

In Japan, Nintendo have also added a set of Splatoon 2 postcards on My Nintendo (price: 400 Platinum Coins). Here’s what they look like:

Finally, the Crossing Splatoon range of merchandise is now available for purchase on the My Nintendo Store:

Source: Nintendo

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