Daily news (February 28): My Hero One’s Justice 2 / Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Today’s Daily news: latest set of screenshots for My Hero One’s Justice 2, but also…

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions
  • Moving Out
  • Super Real Mahjong Love ♥ 2~7!
  • Overpass
  • Michiru Yamane @ shmuplations

My Hero One’s Justice 2

Bandai-Namco have shared some more screenshots for My Hero One’s Justice 2, showcasing two playable characters (Camie Utsushimi – voiced by Minori Chihara, and Seiji Shishikura – voiced by Makoto Furukawa) and the Player Customize feature:

My Hero One’s Justice 2 (Switch) comes out on March 12th in Japan, and March 12th in Europe and North America.

Source: Gamer

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Here’s the extended version of the Story Mode trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions:

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (Switch) comes out later this year worldwide.

Moving Out

Game Source Entertainment have announced that they will release Moving Out at retail on April 29th in Japan, just one day after the digital release. This retail version will cost 4 280 Yen + taxes.

Here’s a few screenshots:

Moving Out (Switch) comes out on April 28th worldwide, and April 29th in Japan (retail). The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer

Super Real Mahjong Love ♥ 2~7!

Here’s the latest set of pictures for Super Real Mahjong Love ♥ 2~7!:

Super Real Mahjong Love ♥ 2~7! (Switch) comes out on April 23rd in Japan.

Source: Famitsu


Here’s some more details and screenshots for Overpass:

This simulation provides players with several different, particularly hilly environments and terrains. It will take all of your cool-headed and careful driving skills just to reach the finish line. In Overpass, players can’t fly through the race by flooring it, but have to find the right speed so they can make their way through the course, get past the obstacles and avoid damaging their vehicles.

The specific technical aspects of each vehicle also have to be taken into account on each track: select the right vehicle from amongst 25 buggies and quads from major manufacturers (Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and Suzuki), and make sure you use the locking differential and switch from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive at the right time. The game focuses on providing a unique challenge with innovative gameplay and meticulously-planned level design.

There are several game modes in Overpass: Career mode lets you launch a season, taking part in races to develop your reputation, attract sponsors and try to win competitions. In online Multiplayer mode, which can be played with up to 8 players, you have to demonstrate superb control to finish the race ahead of the others. The experience is rounded out with other game modes, such as Quick Race and Local play (split screen or hotseat) to see if the player can rise to the challenge of the most challenging off-road race.

Overpass (Switch) comes out on March 12th in Europe, and March 17th in North America.

Source: Nacon PR / 4Gamer

Michiru Yamane @ shmuplations

The latest translation from shmuplations is actually a video, about Michiru Yamane to be precise. The video itself is from the Castlevania Best Music Collection DVD, and it’s finally available with English subtitles!


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