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Daily Briefs (May 28): Zero Time Dilemma artbook / CEO 2016 / Neko Mario Time #64

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Zero Time Dilemma
  • CEO 2016
  • NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time
  • Mega Man cartoon
  • Nintendo X Vans [Update!]
  • Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese
  • Discovery

Zero Time DilemmaZero Time Dilemma

During a panel at the WonderCon, Aksys Games announced that the official Zero Time Dilemma (a pre-order bonus in Japan) would be released in English. Unfortunately, they didn’t say when. Naturally, it will not be a pre-order bonus (it’s a bit late for that!).

Here’s details about the artbook:

  • 48-pages booklet (A5, fully coloured)
  • a prequel written by Kotaro Uchikoshi himself;
  • illustrations by Rui Tomono (chara-designer);
  • background design from 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward;
  • a mysterious surprise.

Source: Aksys Games
Via: RPGSite

CEO 2016

CEO is a major fighting game event in the United States, and this year, it’s taking place on June 24-26th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. Earlier today, Nintendo of America announced that it was collaborating with CEO Gaming in order to bring Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Melee to the event.

Here’s the games on Nintendo platforms to get a tournament at CEO 2016:

  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (1024 Player Cap)
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee (1,024 Player Cap)
  • Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) ($5,000 Pot Bonus, 256 Player Cap)

You can find more details about CEO 2016 on the official website!

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Mega Man cartoon

Yesterday, Dentsu Entertainment and DHX Media revealed more details about the Mega Man cartoon series, which will debut next year (for the 30th Anniversary. It will focus on the adventures of Aki Light, who seem like a regular, everyday kid… except he can transform into a robot. He can wear Mega Man’s iconic armor, complete with the Mega Buster and helmet.

The cartoon will feature various characters, such as Rush, but also Mega Mini (who is brand new). The primary target audience are kids age 6 to 9, but also their parent who grew up with the Blue Bomber.

Here’s an artwork of Aki Light:

Source: IGN

Nintendo x Vans

If you live near London, you might want to check out the Vans x Nintendo Interactive Exhibition at the House of Vans in London. Classics such as Super Mario World (SNES), Donkey Kong (Nintendo 64), and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube) will be playable, and there will also be competitions. The various Nintendo consoles will also be on display, along with artwork and memorabilia.

Source: VICE

NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time #64

Here’s the 64th episode of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time:

Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese

Yesterday, Finger Gun Games revealed their next Wii U project: Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese. As the title implies, it’s an educational game that will teach you the basics of Japanese, and more precisely Hiragana and Katakana. You can find more details about the game on Finger Gun Games’ website!

Here’s some screenshots:

This game was added to our Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Finger Gun Games


Yesterday, Joachim from noowanda game posted the latest Development snapshot for the first Discovery update. In this one, he shows the improvements he made to the new blocks, such as the pipe (which looked rather ugly at night).

Here’s some screenshots:

And here’s a video:

You will find more details at the source link!

Source: Miiverse


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