Daily Briefs (March 15, Round 2) – Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission / Axiom Verge (Wii U)

Today’s Daily Briefs: demo coming later this month for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, but also…

  • Axiom Verge (Wii U)
  • Etrian Odyssey Museum

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

The latest issue of Jump magazine, releasing this Monday, will reveal that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will get a demo on March 28th. So far, that demo is only confirmed for Japan, but it’s likely Europe and North America will also get it, and on the same day to boot (since the game itself is getting a simultaneous release worldwide). We will most likely get more details next week, with the official announcement once the magazine is out.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission (Switch) comes out on April 4th in Japan, and April 5th in Europe and North America.

Source: Jump
Via: ryokutya2089

Axiom Verge

Limited Run Games have announced their next limited physical release, and this one is rather unexpected… it’s none other than Axiom Verge, on Wii U! Yes, the Wii U is getting a new retail release in the year 2019, believe it or not! Pre-orders will go live on March 29th.

The game will come with the following goodies:

  • Artbook (32 pages)
  • Original soundtracl (18 tracks, previously only available with the retail release of the game on Nintendo Switch)
  • Making of Documentary (Blu-Ray produced by 2 Player Productions and packed with over 5 hours of extras!)
  • Double-sided poster (Artwork + Map with item location)
  • Collector’s Box

If you’re wondering what’s the story behind this extremely late release (which should’ve been released ages ago), and why Limited Run Games are going with it despite them knowing they will never come near breaking even with this particular project, make sure to check out this article over at GamesIndustry.biz!

Source: Limited Run Games (Twitter)

Etrian Odyssey Museum

Here’s some preview pages for the Etrian Odyssey Museum artbook, along with a picture of the tapestry included in the ebten DX Pack:

Source: Famitsu



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