Daily Briefs (Feb. 23) – Splatoon: Inkling Fashion Week; more


  • Kirby power outlet covers
  • Sadame
  • GameBoy


Today’s Daily briefs:

  • Splatoon
  • Super Mario comic
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • Famicom Disk System 30th Anniversary
  • Fire Emblem 0
  • Langrisser: Re:Incarnation -Tensei-


Yesterday, the Squid Research Lab announced the Inkling Fashion Week: special reports about the freshest fashion and trendiest brands in Inkopolis. Here’s the announcement:

It’s no secret that the Inklings are some of the best dressed squids in this (or any other) universe. In fact, those of you diligent enough to have found the Sunken Sea Scrolls may already know that the Inkopolis Collection fashion show happens twice a year!


We’re pleased to bring you Inkling Fashion Week* – a Squid Research Lab Special Report. After months of painstaking research, we’ll be sharing more information about the freshest fashion and trendiest brands in Inkopolis in order to help our squid fam keep it lit!** Check back tomorrow for our first fashion spread!
*Inkling Fashion Week will run longer than a week. The Squid Research Lab maintains all rights to use the word “fresh” too frequently.


**We’re told that a number of today’s youths use this expression although we have still not been able to ascertain the definition.

Splatoon Inkling Fashion WeekSuper Mario comic

Ben Bates is a comic artist working for Archie Comics. A few years ago, he drew some imaginary covers for a Super Mario comic: it wasn’t an official project, just something he made on his own.

Here’s the covers, along with a page from a comic:

Source: Ben Bates

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection comes out on Thursday in Japan, and to celebrate, Famitsu will have a retrospective of the series in its latest issue. There will also be a feature on Museum Mode and Challenge from from Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Here’s the preview from Famitsu magazine:

Talking of Mega Man, here’s pictures of various goodies coming out on Saturday:

Source: Famitsu / Famitsu

Famicom Disk System 30th Anniversary

On Sunday, the Famicom Disk System celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Japan (the only region it was released). To celebrate, Famitsu has a special article about the add-on in its latest issue, to be released this Thursday in Japan.

Here’s the preview from Famitsu:

Source: Famitsu

Fire Emblem 0

Here’s the latest card from the 4th series of Fire Emblem 0 cards, launching on March 17th in Japan:

Source: Intelligent Systems

Head after the break for the rest of this post!

Langrisser: Re:Incarnation -Tensei-

Yesterday, Aksys Games announced that players who pre-order Langrisser: Re:Incarnation -Tensei- at Amazon.com (in the United States) will be able to get an exclusive artbook and soundtrack CD. Unfortunately, we will have to wait before we get more details about their content…

Langrisser: Re:Incarnation -Tensei- (3DS) comes out on April 19th in Europe and North America.


In Japan, some unique Kirby merchandise will be released: some covers for… power outlets and light switches. Here’s some pictures:

Source: Inside-Games


Sadame comes out this Thursday in Europe and North America. Here’s some details about the Rogue:


Jack Tech uploaded Part 1 of GameBoy, a hardware autopsy, first episode of a video series looking back at the GameBoy from a hardware point of view.

Here it is:




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