Daily Briefs (April 15): Cytus α / Langrisser I & II

Today’s Daily Briefs: North American release date and video for Cytus α , but also…

  • Langrisser I & II
  • Trüberbrook
  • Overcooked! 2
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Super Mario Bros. golf apparel
  • Dragalia Lost

Cytus α

PM Studios and Acttil have announced that Cytus α will be released slightly later than initially announced, on May 14th (it was slated for an April release, like in Japan). They also shared a new video for the game:

Cytus α (Switch) comes out on April 25th in Japan, May 14th in North America, and later this year in Europe.

Source: PM Studios / acttil PR

Langrisser I & II

Here’s the latest set of screenshots for Langrisser I & II:

Langrisser I & II (Switch) comes out on April 18th in Japan.

Source: Gamer


Here’s the latest screenshot for Trüberbrook:

Trüberbrook (Switch) comes out on April 17th in Europe and North America.

Source: Merge Games (Twitter)

Overcooked! 2

Here’s the latest screenshot for Overcooked! 2, showing one of the new kitchens included in the Campfire Cook Off DLC (out on April 18th worldwide):

Source: Team17 (Twitter)


Here’s the latest Developer Commentary video for Yooka-Laylee:

Super Mario Bros. golf apparel

Here’s some pictures for the latest set of Super Mario Bros. golf apparel, from Japan:

Source: Gamer

Dragalia Lost

Here’s a video shwocasing a Midgarsormr statue and plushie:

Speaking of Dragalia Lost, a novel was released today in Japan. It’s called Dragalia Lost: Ouji to Dragon no Chikara (lit: The Prince and the Dragons’ Power), written by Miyabi Hasegawa (who has already written novels for the Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and more), with illustrations by Ryuichi Sadamatsu.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

Source: Kadokawa (Twitter)


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