CRYMACHINA: latest details, videos, and pictures

In this post, you will find all the latest details, videos, and pictures for CRYMACHINA, the latest action-RPG from FuRyu (developed by Aquria) releasing on July 6th in Japan, and this Fall in Europe and North America (courtesy of NIS America).

This post will be updated on a regular basis (as soon as new details, videos, or pictures) are shared, so keep checking back! For the Music Videos, check out this post instead!

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June 1st

FuRyu has announced that two new videos for CRYMACHINA will go live this month:

  • June 16th: new music video, FightSeventhDeusExMachina_Zoe ();
  • June 29th: 3rd trailer

May 29th

FuRyu has shared some more details and footage for CRYMACHINA:

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future, in a place called “Eden”. Machines known as “Jinki” continue to operate in order to revive humankind. Each area has its own characteristics; those vary depending on the Jinki in charge.

The game features a defense maneuver found in most action games nowadays: “Perfect dodge”. If you dodge an enemy attack just as it’s about to hit you, a special power will be activated (such as a Witch Time-like speed boost, for example). But you shouldn’t stick to dodges: you can also counter attacks in order to get the upper hand.

Finally, some details about Personality Data. You can find various bits of Personality Data while exploring Eden, and you can analyse those in order to find weapons and Episodes related to that personality. The latter offer you a glimpse into the secrets of the game’s world.

And that’s not all: FuRyu also shared a short clip showcasing the Samoyed Costume DLC, which is available as pre-order bonus in Japan (no word on availability in Europe and North America yet!):

May 19th

FuRyu has shared some more footage for CRYMACHINA:

And here’s some additional details!

CRYMACHINA is an action-RPG where you get to control three different characters: Leben, Mikoto, and Ami. They each use a different main weapon (spear, shotgun, etc.) and secondary weapons known as “Auxiliaries”. Those float at the back of your character. There’s over 70 of them to choose from.

You can improve the basic stats of the three mechanical girls by having them equip items such as Weapon Enhancement Cartridges, Personality Enhancement Data, and “Auxiliaries. They can also learn a variety of passive skills. Make sure to select the right equipment and skills for the situation!

Naturally, you’re free to customise your character by selecting her skills (attack, passive) and changing their outfit.

May 12th

Here’s the second trailer for CRYMACHINA, < FeatureBattle(); >:

April 27th

Deus Ex Machina is the name of 8 self-evolving machines that work towards the revival of humanity. Each one has its own purpose, but they were designed to cooperate with each other in order to reach their common goal. However, when the first Deus Ex Machina was lost, that unity was shattered and a battle broke out among the different Deus Ex Machina.

April 26th

FuRyu has announced that CRYMACHINA will now released on July 27th in Japan (3 weeks earlier than previously announced), giving more time for the developers to improve the quality of the game.

Also, FuRyu announced that in Japan, the Special Soundtrack album offered as pre-order bonus will include a bonus track: a Situation ASMR by Hikaru Touno (Hakoniwa no Hitotoki).

Here’s a pictures of the pre-order bonuses (including the Samoyed costumes):

Finally, here’s the schedule for reveals:

  • April 28th: Music Video “FightSecondDeusExMachina_Ecclesia();”
  • Mid-May: 2nd trailer “Feature Battle”

April 25th

Today, we have some details and concept art for the E.V.Es.

Psyches were reproduced in a virtual world simulating Earth before the extinction of mankind. E.V.E is the name given to those with a particular high degree of “Humanity”.

In the real world, E.V.Es fight using artificial bodies known as “Gitai” (in Japanese). In the virtual world, they can behave according to their age.

Here’s some concept art (by Rolua):

April 24th

The new, artificial human bodies created machines are rather unique: by installing human mental data (known as “Psyche”), their appearance change to suit that psyche.

Here’s some concept art (by Rolua):

April 21st

Today, we get some details about the Cardinals: an independent faction of Cherubim. Among those humanoid machines mass-produced in Eden, there’s 8 special individuals known as Cardinals, who control the other Cherubim.

Design and 3D modelling by Yoshi.

April 20th

Today, FuRyu shared some 3D models for Cherubim: humanoid machines mass-produced in the Propagation Plant, Eden. They wear masks and armours that match their respective factions. Some Cherubim are said to be semi-humanoid: they possess formidable power, and they have the privilege of understanding human speech.

Design and 3D modelling by Yoshi.

April 18th

Today again, FuRyu shared some more concept art for the game.

Among the machines working towards the revival of humanity, there’s a faction whose mission is to “Regenerate the human body”. They have been conducting research on artificial bodies. In order to create a stronger body that would be adapted to work in space, they were granted privileges and freedom that surpass those of the original machines.

April 17th

FuRyu has shared some more concept art, this time showcasing the “Propagation Plant, Eden”. It’s described as a giant Dyson sphere that continually expands through countless renovation and extensions.

April 14th

FuRyu has shared some concept art of the costumes included in the Wedding Dress Set (from the Limited Edition of the game), designed by gawako:

April 13th

Here’s some of the illustrations included in the Limited Edition:

April 12th

The various Deus Ex Machina, the self-evolving machines that operate for the purpose of Reviving Humanity, are split in several factions:

  • 01: Propator
  • 02: Ecclesia
  • 03: Noein
  • 04: Anthropos
  • 05: Letheia
  • 06: Logos
  • 07: Zoe
  • 08: Enoa

Their ideals are reflected in the logo representing their factions (the picture below is of the stickers included in the Limited Edition):

April 11th

FuRyu has shared some pictures of the contents of the Limited Edition, and namely:

  • illustration for the Collector’s Edition box (drawn by Rolua)
  • some preview pages from the Artbook

April 5th

Today, FuRyu shared an illustration by hoteiblender. It shows an ominous world, where machines left behind after the extinction of the human race continue to operate towards the upcoming “Human Revival”. Machine girls known as E.V.E. seek to become “Realm Humans”.

April 4th

The 15th character profile is for Noah (voiced by Miyuri Nemoto in Japanese). A peddler who appears and disappears without prior warning. He shows up out of the blue and offers to trade psyches. He doesn’t seem hostile or malicious, but his true identity (and therefore his ultimate goal) remains shrouded in mystery.

April 3rd

The 14th character profile is for Jean (voiced by Reina Kondou in Japanese). She has the psyche of a girl that was revived by Enoa. Said data was stolen by Zoe, who turned the girl into a Trinity, a child soldier. She’s a hard-working girl who assists Hayato, who tends to get lost. She organises the whole group.

CRYMACHINA (Switch) comes out on July 6th in Japan, and this Fall in Europe and North America.


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