CRYMACHINA: latest details, videos, and pictures

In this post, you will find all the latest details, videos, and pictures for CRYMACHINA, the latest action-RPG from FuRyu (developed by Aquria) releasing on July 27th in Japan, and this October in Europe and North America (courtesy of NIS America).

This post will be updated on a regular basis (as soon as new details, videos, or pictures) are shared, so keep checking back! For the Music Videos, check out this post instead!

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September 28th

NIS America has shared an official interview with Fuyuki Hayashi (Producer): click here to check it out!

September 1st

NIS America has shared a second story trailer for the game:

Thousands of years ago, the human race was destroyed. Eight synthetic, AI-powered beings known as Dei ex Machina, or Divine Machines, have been assigned the redemption of the human race. Follow Leben, Mikoto and Ami, three E.V.E. (the recreated psyche of humans instilled into synthetic bodies) as they seek their full-fledged humanity.

August 28th

Here’s some more footage for the game, including some of the English version of the game:

August 25th

Here’s the latest music video for CRYMACHINA, “XTrinity”:

  • Music :Sakuzyo
  • Animation:odyk

August 16th

NIS America has shared an English version of the ASMR video shared by FuRyu earlier this year:

July 27th

FuRyu has shared a special trailer for CRYMACHINA:

And here’s some screenshots of the Nintendo Switch version (courtesy of Nintendo):

July 25th

Here’s some more screenshots for the game, courtesy of Famitsu:

July 13th

As previously announced, the demo version for CRYMACHINA is now available in Japan.

Here’s some screenshots from that demo, courtesy of Gamer and 4Gamer:

July 10th

FuRyu has shared a few more video clips for CRYMACHINA. They showcase the following:

  • Mikoto’s base Auxiliaries. They’re perfect for long-range attacks, allowing you to keep your distance while fighting enemies. She can equip a gatling gun that restricts enemy movements, and a beam that can penetrate armour even from a distance.
  • Ami’s base Auxiliaries. They’re the complete opposite of Mikoto’s, as they’re focused on close-range attacks, with each blow dealing massive damage. One of her Auxiliaries is a slash-type attack that makes enemies flinch, and another allows her to launch enemies in the air.
  • The pre-order bonus for the digital version.

June 30th

FuRyu has announced that CRYMACHINA has gone gold (the Japanese version at least!). To celebrate, the company shared a special illustration by Rorua:

June 29th

FuRyu has shared the 3rd trailer for CRYMACHINA:

June 20th

FuRyu has shared a few more clips for CRYMACHINA. They showcase the following:

  • Large whale-like creatures that fly in the air: those are the minions of Logos, one of the Deus Ex Machina. Eden has many different aspects, so make sure to explore lots of different places with Enoa and Leben!
  • Auxiliaries. There’s over 70 different types of those secondary weapons that float at your character’s back, and they all have their own specs. Leben’s starting Auxiliary specialises in mid-range attacks, making it a great choice for an all-around build focusing on Restraining and Connecting Combos.
  • Samoyed Costume DLC (pre-order bonus in Japan)

June 12th

Here’s the latest set of pictures for CRYMACHINA, courtesy of Famitsu:

June 6th

In the Imitation Garden, you can enjoy some heart-warming conversations with the various girls. When you’ve had your fill of stylish battles in Eden, make sure to head to the Imitation Garden to relax and enjoy precious moments with the girls.

June 5th

FuRyu has shared some more footage for CRYMACHINA. It showcases the following:

  • Exploring Eden: by finding networks and coordinates, you can unlock new areas of Eden to explore. Exploring Eden allows you to find useful weapons and new information, and you will also get to encouter powerful enemies.
  • Awakening: during battle, you can enter an “Awakening” state in order to boost your abilities. When you “awaken”, not only do you get a stats boost, the activation cost of Auxiliaries is reduced to 0, and you automatically dodge enemy attacks. Awakening is pretty handy when you want to get yourself out of a pinch!
  • the Samoyed Costum DLC (pre-order bonus in Japan)

June 1st

FuRyu has announced that two new videos for CRYMACHINA will go live this month:

  • June 16th: new music video, FightSeventhDeusExMachina_Zoe ();
  • June 29th: 3rd trailer

CRYMACHINA (Switch) comes out on July 27th in Japan, and on October 24th in North America, and on October 27th in Europe!


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