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Club Nintendo (Europe): Captain Toad Figurine Lamp now available

A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that various physical rewards would soon be added to the Stars Catalogue in Europe, for the Club Nintendo. Some of the goodies include the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack (which is finally shipping in Japan), a shopping bag, some card games, and even a Kirby blanket.

And today, Nintendo finally added the Captain Toad Figurine Lamp to the catalogue. Unfortunately, its price is quite steep: to get this lamp, you will need to spend 6000 stars… you most likely won’t have any stars left on your account after purchasing it (provided you have enough to afford it in the first place!). Click here to order yours right now!

Here’s some pictures for this Captain Toad Figurine Lamp, as well as the official description:

Time for adventure!

Plan your adventures in the soft light of this Captain Toad figurine lamp! Whether you’re planning a treasure hunt or getting ready for a Toad-sized nap, let Captain Toad’s headlamp guide the way! Approximately 12cm tall, made of ABS, transparent ABS and PVC.

As usual, if you’re interested in this Captain Toad Figurine Lamp, you really should order as soon as possible (even though many fans will most likely be reluctant with such a steep price). If you’re from North America, don’t forget you have until tomorrow to spend all your remaining stars!

Source: Club Nintendo


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