Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker amiibo bundle for EU, rare amiibo reprints for NA

UPDATE: There we go, Nintendo Denmark made it official on their website: the Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker amiibo bundle is indeed set to release on July 24 in Europe.


Back when the Super Mario series of amiibo launched, Japan received a special amiibo set that bundled Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with a Toad amiibo. Now, this same bundle is set to hit European shores thanks to listings on various EU storefronts such as GAME Spain and Amazon France. The former even mentions a tentative release date of July 24, 2015 while Amazon provides the official package art of the bundle. An official announcement from Nintendo of Europe should be happening soon.

It is possible that Europe will receive a restock of the standalone Toad amiibo around the same time, too.

In other amiibo-related news, North American amiibo hunters can soon rejoice and eat normal food again. Nintendo Inquirer spotted updated certificates on Nintendo’s website for most of the extremely rare amiibo showing newly added manufacturing dates of “May 2015” which implies new shipments to be coming in soon.

Most notably, this will mark the return to shelves of these “unicorns:” Rosalina & Luma, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Ness, Jigglypuff, Toad, Captain Falcon, Lucario among others. For the full list, check the source link below.

If you’re hunting amiibo in Europe, you might have heard reports of restocks happening in the UK and Germany. Based on first-hand sightings, head to your local amiibo dealer if you’re still on the lookout for Meta Knight, Lucina, Ness and Robin (Daraen). In the UK you might be lucky to also find new shipments of Marth. No guarantees and good hunting.

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