Buccanyar: latest videos

Buccanyar is a real-time tower-offense strategy game from Success, releasing on Nintendo Switch on April 20th in Japan. Over the past few months, the company shared various videos for the game, showcasing its gameplay.

But first, here’s a promotional video from December 2022:

The first video, which was recorded from the final version of the game (which has recently gone gold), which shows what happens if you try to take on enemy ships with only melee weapons. Without long-range artillery weapons, you have no other choice but to get up close and personal with enemy ships, which means exposing yourself to heavy damage. The video shows how important it is to think about your weapons before heading out on a mission!

The next video is from an earlier version of the game (February 2023 ver.), and shows a battle against a mysterious creature known as “Variant”. It may not look like much, but that bugger is quite quite tough, so you need to go with heavy armament if you want to deal enough damage!

The third video is from the same version of the game, and shows a battle against submarines. Depending on the situation, you may encounter underwater enemy ships, and you need to use the proper equipment (such as underwater bombs and mines) to dispatch them. If you don’t, your ship will quickly end up at the bottom of the ocean!

The 4th video shows not a sea battle, but an event scene. The one featured in this video takes place after a battle, and shows the player recruiting a sailor cat. Speaking of sailor cats (the brave felines who man your ship), those can be recruited via those event scenes, but also via “Cat Surveys”.

Finally, here’s some more videos from earlier versions of the game:

Buccanyar (Switch) comes out on April 20th in Japan.


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