Brawlout: Software updates (latest: Ver. 1.5.0)

In this post, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Brawlout on Nintendo Switch (originally released on December 19th 2017 in Europe, North America, and Japan).

How to download updates for Brawlout for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Brawlout, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game’s icon in the Home Menu and press – or + to get to the options screen. The version number is displayed below the title.

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Brawlout – Ver. 1.5.0

  • Release date: November 12th 2018 (North America) / November 13th 2018 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Yooka-Laylee Joins the Fight!

With a handful of devastating options for dealing with opponents above them and Yooka’s ability to eat and fire back projectiles, we see Yooka and Laylee as a character with great doubles potential, as well as the tools to be incredibly disruptive against players who rely too much on projectiles.

New Stage: Tribalstack Tropics

The first Grand Tome of Yooka-Laylee comes to Brawlout, complete with music straight from their game! Throw down on one of the largest stages in Brawlout yet!

New Character Variants



Rather than becoming a wrestler, this Paco’s passion was for music. Now nicknamed Gancho Puncho by his adoring public, this mariachi is always on the move.



Sting’ra is the matriarch of a underground insectoid colony — their large stingers being powerful enough to fell the largest threat.



Constant exposure to unstable magic has fried Ripjack’s brain, turning him into a feral beast that feels no pain.



Dressed in the finest polyester and with a luscious afro, the Funkmaster would dazzle audiences with his amazing moves.

Party Game Modes

Bring your friends together in Party Mode! Play a series of quick matches, each with their own unique win conditions!

Golden Belt

King of the Hill with a twist! Stay close to the belt to capture it faster, then hold the belt for as long as you can or until your golden meter is filled to win!


A terrible plague follows the nearest player, until it infects them, dealing damage over time. Don’t let the infected hit you or they’ll pass the plague on to you! First to eliminate 3 opponents wins.

Sudden Death

Everyone starts with 300% damage and with just enough meter for a single rage burst. The player with most kills in 1 minute wins.

Coin Mania

Collect all the gold coins and watch your back! Taking hits or getting K.O.ed will cause you to lose them! Player with most coins when time runs out wins.

Bomber Blast

All players keep dropping bombs, even after they’re out of stocks! Last player alive wins.

Greatly Improved Loading Times

We’ve restructured quite a bit behind the scenes to noticeably improve loading times vs. version 1.3

New Unlock System

  • All Character Variants now unlock by leveling the main characters, with all variants for that character unlocked by level 5.
  • All stages unlocked from the start! No more unlocking stages, ever.
  • The gems have been removed. All items are now purchasable with a single currency.

New Gear Items

Many cosmetics can now be found in the Fluffy Pinata, which replaces the Brawler Pinata.

Universal Gameplay Changes

Charge Attacks

  • Players now have a dedicated button mapped for doing Charge attacks.
  • Players can now set their right control stick to perform Charge attacks.
  • Players can now toggle activating Charge attacks by tapping the left stick and pressing attack on or off.
  • The knockback formula for charge attacks has been modified.
    • Certain Charge attacks now start at the strength of the attack’s corresponding tilt.

Ledge Grabs and Ledge Hanging tweaks

The ledge has been changed based on player feedback to make it a bit more interesting and to give players more options when playing around it. Maneuvers such as ledgedashes are now possible.

  • All characters can now hang from the ledge for 4 seconds before automatically doing a neutral get up.
  • Players can now act almost immediately after letting go of the ledge.
  • There is now a 0.5 second ledge regrab timer that is active when attacking from ledge to make aerial attacks more reliable from ledge.


  • Players can now fastfall during most aerial attacks. Previously fastfalling had to be started prior to attacking.
    • Attacks that stop or alter your momentum such as Sephi’ra’s forward air part 1 or divekick cannot be fastfalled.
  • Players can now fastfall immediately after wavedashing off of a platform.

Spike Canceling

  • If your character is hit by an attack that sends them within 35 degrees of straight down, you can now cancel your knockback and hitstun by either jumping or using your recovery move 17 frames after being hit.
    • We’ve increased the knockback of most of the game’s weaker spikes to compensate.
    • Attempting to jump too early will impose a 40-frame lockout, essentially taking the opportunity to spike cancel away from you.
    • There is no lockout penalty for attempting to use your recovery move too early.

UI and Presentation

  • “Random” has been added to the Stage Select Screen.
  • Stormy City is now removed from the Stage Select Screen in Competitive Mode
  • Fixed a bug with Directional Influence that allowed players with certain control setups to change their trajectory more than intended.
  • Brand new music on the Character Select Screen.


  • Jumping now has a 8 frame buffer, making jumping out of an action easier.
  • AI difficulty tweaks based on community feedback.
  • Automatic input lag in matchmaking and private lobbies has been adjusted and will now typically use one extra frame of delay compared to the last update. This should make online play a little smoother overall.

Character Balancing

Olaf Tyson

  • Olaf has a new forward Charge attack


  • Acolyte has a new forward Charge attack

Dr. Tysonstein

  • Tysonstein’s Charge attacks no longer deliver the electrical attack debuff on their own.
  • His neutral special has been replaced with a new move called “Dynamo”. Rather than a straight attack, it’s now a buff that can be charged up to temporarily add the electrical attack bonus to his normal attacks.
  • His recovery move has been replaced with a similar move called “Thunder Plate”. This version of the attack summons a metal plate beneath Tysonstein, and can no longer be used to wall of sections of the stage or attack players.


  • Knockback on Natu’ra’s dash attack has been reduced by ~28%
  • Upair now has landing lag.


  • Upair now has landing lag.


  • Nightma’ra’s flutter has been adjusted to match Yooka-Laylee’s flutter mechanic.
  • Upair now has landing lag.


  • Juan now regains his Rooster Uppercut and Dashing Derpderp after grabbing the ledge


  • Vandal now regains his Vandal Ball after grabbing the ledge

Condor X

  • Condor’s mine now does a bit less damage (10% -> 8%) and does less knockback.

King Apu

  • Reduced hitbox size on Chain Grab


  • Reduced hitbox size on Chain Grab
  • Pictures:

Brawlout – Ver. 1.3.0

  • Release date: April 19th 2018 (North America) / April 20th (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Mako Joins the fight

The Oceanic Enforcer is the first Paco Character Variant, with his own special attacks and a slick new flow!

Ranked Mode

Take part in online 1v1 Ranked matches and keep progressing from one competitive tier to another. Match up against players your skill!

  • Ranked matchmaking uses the game’s “Competitive mode”, removing the knockback bonus from Rage Mode, making it a purely defensive mechanic.
  • Players start at 500 ELO points. The amount of ELO won or lost is determined by how large the difference in rank is between the two players.
  • Players who leave matches early in this mode will be penalized with a loss of ELO and their opponent being awarded the win. This is the only way below the 500 ELO starting point, eventually putting habitual quitters into their own skill tier below the starting point.

New Features

Video Capture

  • It’s here! You can now record video clips by holding the Switch’s capture button!

Unlock Character Variants directly

  • No more Brawler Pinatas. You can now unlock all Character Variants directly! All objectives that previously rewarded Character Shards now reward Gems which you can spend directly on whichever character you want to unlock next.
    New Daily Objectives

New Gear Items

Take part in our online tournaments to unlock these exclusive gear items:


Arcade Towers

  • On the harder Arcade Mode difficulties, your extra opponents are now on staggered respawn timers, rather than fighting you at the same time right at the start. Defeat your opponents quickly or risk being overrun!
  • Players can now play Arcade Mode while matchmaking

Dash Dancing

  • Dash dancing has been added! There is now an initial dash window where players can change direction immediately with no movement penalty like skidding or pivoting. Use it to bait out attacks or quickly adjust your positioning. The distance you can dash dance is specific to each character, so hit up practice mode and try it out with your favorite Brawlers!

New Meteor Respawn Mechanic

Rather than immediately spawning mid-stage, players now fall as a comet from the top of the screen and are able to steer it as they fall toward the stage and can break out early at any point by pressing a button.. Players who break out of a comet have a very brief invulnerability window, so make sure you choose where you break out carefully to maximize your comeback!

Knockback tweaks

  • We’ve made some changes to the knockback formula to make certain characters’ trajectories more predictable.
    • Certain characters (most notably Apucalypse, Condor X) previously could be launched notably further horizontally than vertically. Total knockback distance is no longer influenced by direction.


  • Several stages received lighting overhauls to better illuminate characters. Player visibility on Raging Glacier, Moonlight Jungle, Sunset Eyrie and Blazing Jungle is substantially improved.

Input improvements

  • The inputs for wavedashes has been reworked to prevent accidental rolls and allow players to jump out of wavedashes/lands.
    • You have 4 frames (while in jump start animation) to press Dodge to enter a wavedash. The input timing should feel familiar to players of other platform fighters while still being easy to pull off for beginners.
  • Pressing an attack while holding side dodge will now trigger an attack rather than a dodgeroll
  • Pressing an attack when in jump start animation will now buffer the attack, causing it to come out the first frame after you leave the ground.


  • You can now view other players’ profile from leaderboards or online replays
    • This gives you access to in-depth stats on their mains, win ratio, win streaks and others
  • Players can now navigate menus with the Dpad

Team Matches

Share Stock

  • Added the ability to share stocks with teammates when one player is out of stocks.
  • Stock sharing can be disabled by the host from the match options screen.

Improved team outlines

  • It’s now easier to clearly see which players are in the red team and which are in the blue team

Character Balancing


  • Fixed a rare bug where Juan’s side charge attack would get canceled


  • Fixed a bug where  Valdal could not use his recovery until he touched the stage after respawning. 


  • Aerial side special can no longer be land canceled, landing with the attack out results in 14 frames of endlag
  • Side special’s mine can no longer be used at long range without meter to spend on the attack.
  • Additional notes: the update has been submitted to Nintendo for lotcheck!
  • Source: Angry Mob Games

Brawlout – Ver. 1.1.0

  • Release date: February 7th (North America) / February 8th (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New features

Brawlout TV

  • Watch live and recent matches from players worldwide!
  • Check out your own online match history and watch replays of your previous online battles.

Smarter AI

  • AI opponents are now able to use DI (Directional Influence), both to escape combos and to dampen the impact of otherwise fatal blows. In general they should be a little harder to combo and KO.
  • In Practice Mode, players can now set the training dummy to DI in a specific or random direction, DI to escape combos, or to DI for survival.

New Achievements

  • Tons of new achievements, which give players extra rewards to help speed up the process of acquiring pinatas.

Mastery Skins

  • We’ve added two special cosmetics for each character that will unlock when players reach Mastery Levels 10 and 15 with them.

Exclusive character gear items

  • Special cosmetics have been added that are obtainable by redeeming codes given out during special events.

New Taunt Emotes!

  • Special credit to Hellphy and Nova for providing some of the first community-created emotes!


Heavy optimizations to get rid of the ‘frame stutters’ reported by players.

Online matchmaking improvements, for smoother online 1v1 matches

  • Added region locks, so players from different continents won’t join the same session.
  • Added initial tests for ping between players on the “accept match” prompt, with a connection quality indicator to show players what kind of connection they can expect before accepting a match.

Short hop improvements

  • It’ll be easier to perform short hops, as the input window has been extended to 4 frames for the entire cast.

Currency reward tweaks

  • Tweaked how rewards are given out for local matches and in online matches with friends.

Fixed character select and stage select navigation when surrounding characters/stages are locked.

Fixed certain inputs not mapping properly to specific buttons (such as mapping jump to a trigger button)

Fixed daily login bonuses not progressing as intended.

Fixed players losing access unlocked stages in certain situations.

Character balancing


  • Reduced the range on her sprint attack by 20%
  • Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
  • Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag

Olaf Tyson

  • Removed the last hitbox on his jab special.


  • Forward air has sourspots, which deal less damage/knockback and send the opponent upward and out, instead of slamming them down
  • Forward tilt has less knockback growth, and slightly tweaked hitboxes (so it doesn’t hit opponents on platforms above him, or under him)
  • Less knockback on the second part of the up tilt when at the ledge, so it wouldn’t kill at very low percents

Chief Feathers

  • Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).
  • Small reduction in dash attack damage.

The Drifter

  • His Side Charge attack only does one sword swing and deals less damage/knockback, when only charged half-way. When charged more than 0.5 sec, it deals the same damage/knockback as before.
  • His Up Special Part 2 (Downward Slash) does AoE damage when hitting the ground, even if he doesn’t grab anyone on the way down.


  • Increased Stormcall’s damage to 7%
  • Added another hitbox and an extra frame to the air forward attack
  • Increased knockback growth on up tilt


  • Extended up tilt’s hitbox to reach lower down, so it wouldn’t miss shorter opponents like Paco.
  • Extended the size of Rooster Uppercut’s hitbox to cover into Juan’s lower body
  • Increased the damage on Forward throw (Das Boot) to 7%
  • Increased the damage on Back throw to 5%
  • Increased the damage on Up throw to 4%


  • Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
  • Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag


  • Reduced the range on her sprint attack by 20%
  • Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
  • Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag

Senator Feathers

  • Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).
  • Sprint attack now has endlag.

Condor X

  • Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).


  • Increased Stormcall’s damage to 7%
  • Up tilt makes him jump higher and does more knockback


  • Reduced the knockback on aerial side special to be more in line with the grounded version of the attack.



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  • 19 April 2018 at 1 h 39 min

    Took their time fixing that unlock system, it won’t undo the negative reviews and initial poor feedback but the effort is appreciated on that front more so than the competitive front for me.

    I hope Sakurai takes notes with the custom moves in future Smash games and makes them unlocked from the start at the very least.

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