Bravely Second: soundtrack album to get 2 editions, 3CDs and 46 tracks

Yesterday, Square-Enix confirmed that the Bravely Second: End Layer would come out on May 20th (the same day as the Xenoblade Chronicles X OST). The album will have a 3 discs, and contains 46 tracks in total:

– Disc 1: 18 tracks
– Disc 2: 16 tracks
– Disc 1: 12 tracks

Unfortunately, Square-Enix is keeping the tracklist secret for the time being, probably to avoid spoilers.

This soundtrack will have two different editions:

– regular edition (3300 Yen + taxes, roughly 25€ / 27$ / 18£)
– Limited Edition, with a special packaging called “Special Aurora Package” and with custom illustration jackets (3800 Yen + taxes, roughly 29€ / 21£ / 31$)

But that’s not all: the single for “Great Distance” by ryo (feat. chelly), the main theme (used in the Opening Movie), will also come out on May 20th in Japan.

Square-Enix will offer a special illustrated cards for players buying the soundtrack at certain retailers:

– Magnolia – Tomahawk (TsutayaRecords / Tsutaya Online)
– Edea – Cat Master (Tower Record / Tower Records Online)
– Yuu – Astrologer (HMV / HMV Online)
– Tiz – Pâtissier (Animate / Animate Online)
– Magnolia – Guardian (Yodobashi / Yodobashi Online)
– Edea – Exorcist (
– Agnès (other stores)

There will also be a special illustrated card for people buying from the Square-Enix store. Finally, as a pre-order bonus, people buying either the soundtrack or the main theme single will get a download code, which will allow them to invite ryo’s data in their game (only until May 18th).

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) comes out on April 26th in Japan.

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