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Bike Rider UltraDX: World Tour – Overview video and screencaps

Last month, Nintendo updated its planning for upcoming releases on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. There was nothing really new there… with the exception of two Bike Rider games for the Wii U:

– Bike Rider UltraDX: Galaxy Tour
– Bike Rider UltraDX: World Tour

2One of them actually came out yesterday in Japan: Bike Rider UltraDX: World Tour. It features no less than 60 stages, and the title is no joke… you really do travel all round the world in this game:

– Paris
– New Dehli
– London
– Egypt
– Tokyo
– New York
– Hawai
– and more…

In this game, fans will find an improved version of the Grand Prix mode, along with the usual set of power-ups. But the main new feature of the game is the Multiplayer (co-op and competitive), which can be played from 2 to 4 players…. on the same screen!

As you can imagine, things get chaotic super fast during 4-player races, but thankfully, you respawn almost instantly. Good news: you can play with your Mii! Finally, there developers mention a new feature that allows you to control your jumps based on the amount of time you keep the jump button pressed.

Here’s the overview video for Bike Rider UltraDX: World Tour, with footage of the multiplayer:

And here’s some screencaps from the trailer:

Bike Rider UltraDX: World Tour (Wii U eShop) is already available in Japan, where it costs 980 Yen.

Source: Famitsu


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