amiibo: Mewtwo figure to launch on October 23rd in Europe

A couple of days ago, we learned from the South African retailer Rauru (same one who leaked the Splatoon amiibo before their announcement) that the Mewtwo amiibo might launch on October 23rd in Europe. And it turns out this date was spot on: Nintendo just announced that this amiibo would indeed launch on this day in Europe!

Here’s the picture of the Mewtwo amiibo sent by Nintendo of Europe on Twitter:

We now have two amiibo launching on October 23rd in Europe:

– Mewtwo amiibo
Modern Colour Mario amiibo

Therefore, it’s quite likely Nintendo will release a new wave of amiibo alongside the Mewtwo and Modern Colour Mario amiibo. The question is… which ones? Unfortunately, Nintendo already confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes would not be compatible with amiibo, so it would be unheard of to have an amiibo for this game…

Source: Nintendo


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