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Baba is You (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.11)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Baba is You on Nintendo Switch (originally released on March 13th 2019 in Europe and North America, and December 16th 2019 in Japan)!

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Baba is You – Ver. 1.11

  • Release date: April 11th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Cliff now tiles more nicely
  • Added Paper and Scissors
  • Fixed Museum not granting the “fully completed” star
  • Fixed a case where an object could be renamed in a way that caused bugs
  • ï and ë were swapped in the font
  • Fixed “X Write Word” parsing as “X Is Word”
  • Fixed one of Museum’s maps having unclear level icons
  • Added a new level in Museum of Unused Levels
  • Fixed Feeling & Not Feeling combining in a buggy way in certain cases
  • Fixed Empty being unable to move twice in a turn
  • Fixed a small coding error with Fear
  • Fixed Empty Is You And Win And Defeat not winning even if there’s empty space left after Defeat activates
  • Added some safety code for undoing after a Level icon has been destroyed
  • Fixed a HUGE bug related to an object transforming to multiple objects in a single turn
  • Fixed a largeish letter- & stacking-related issue
  • Fixed X Is All being applied on level start
  • Fixed Revert and and endgame word not working together
  • Fixed two Level, Bonus & Safe interactions
  • Removed some accidental duplicated code
  • Fixed Empty transformation -related lua error
  • Fixed “Without Not X” not working correctly
  • Fixed “Empty Is All” not working
  • Fixed Empty Is Revert erroring
  • Objects made via “X Is All” now revert back to X
  • Fixed Empty Is Not Empty erroring
  • Fixed X Write Not Y causing bugs
  • Added Arm
  • Added Bunny
  • Fixed an issue with viewing the intro cutscene
  • Added Snail
  • Fixed “X Is Y And All” causing bugs
  • Fixed Word not behaving in certain undo conditions
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation into the game
  • Fixed issue with level thumbnails bugging out
  • Fixed a crash related to 3D
  • Fixed a rare bug where beating a levelpack could cause another levelpack to save data wrong
  • Made levelpack completion icons not leave empty spots between each other when browsing them via the “Start the game” menu
  • Fixed some small visual bugs in the credits
  • Fixed a rare case where the level unlocking animation could be buggy due to the Broken quality
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

Baba is You – Ver. 1.09

  • Release date: March 22nd 2022 (North America) / March 23rd 2022 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Removed some unfinished translations from the game files until they’re more complete
  • New level in Familiar Lands!
  • Fixed | not showing in the hand-drawn font
  • Fixed a small visual glitch in the main game
  • Fixed a recursive submenu bug
  • Fix to a cornercase where Fear would cause an object to move in a buggy way
  • Fixed Power not working with Level
  • Added support for multiple Power/Powered words
  • Fixed Seeing and Power not working together
  • Fixed lua errors with Baba and Play
  • Fixed broken Play notes
  • Fixed some language file quirks
  • You can now see the level code in the pause menu
  • You can now see the level code when browsing the “Play Custom Levels” menu
  • New level in Land of Vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where the quickbar could have non-existent objects
  • You can now enter level codes without the hyphen and the game will add it automatically
  • Level Is Chill works now
  • * added to the in-game font
  • Fixed level numbering in Starry Lands
  • The way conditionals are handled in the code was reworked heavily
  • Fixed “Baba Play Not A” not disabling “Baba Play A”
  • The pause menu buttons should now stretch horizontally if needed
  • Added Cheese, Chair, Bomb & Table
  • Fixed Level not working with multiple conditionals
  • Fixed objects blinking annoyingly in 3D
  • Fixed an Empty & Chill interaction
  • Fixed an Empty & Facing interaction
  • Fixed a bug where Empty Is Move would make Empty move randomly even when it shouldn’t
  • Implemented some stuff for displaying Thai
  • New level in Land of Oddities
  • Implemented an optimization for Power/Powered that should speed them up a lot
  • Another new level in Land of Oddities (thanks to Misshapensmiley for showing this variant idea!)
  • A large optimization to sentences placed next to each other; something like “Baba Is You Rock Is Push” now separates the two rules earlier in the parsing process to prevent unnecessary processing
  • Fixed a buggy interaction between Word & Feeling (potentially also Powered)
  • Fixed Pull breaking if you pull more than 2 objects more than one tile at a time
  • Added a drop shadow for signpost text
  • Fixed a bug where Still objects could be Swapped in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where text stacked with letters could break rule parsing
  • Fixed a bug where the outcome of a Powered condition check could be affected by particle effects
  • Fixed signposts losing their text after being destroyed
  • Fixed Not Without working differently from how it used to in how it handles multiple parameters
  • Added some missing translations
  • Fixed some oversights with word-wrapping
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

Baba is You – Ver. ???

  • Release date: December 15th 2021 (North America) / December 16th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug with the map music in the new maps
  • Added 10 levels to New Adventures
  • Added 4 levels to Museum
  • Fixes to the Polish translation
  • Fixed a bug that could send you to the wrong level
  • Fixed a crash in the Switch level editor
  • The game now tracks levels you’ve downloaded and solved! If you delete and download the same level, the game should still show your past completion in the “Featured Levels” & “Play Levels” menus (doesn’t work retroactively, sorry)
  • Fixed an issue where certain uppercase symbols could break the hand-drawn font
  • Added several missing translation lines in. Sorry about that!
  • Renamed certain levels with placeholder names
  • Reworked the way Revert works; it should now be more optimized and not bug as easily
Levels adjusted
  • Written In Stone (was previously impossible, apologies)
  • Skull Pile (was previously impossible, apologies)
  • Teamwork Is A Must (was previously impossible, apologies)
  • New Adventures!
  • Seeing B
  • Land of Oddities
  • Baba Is Empty
  • Experiment
  • Land Land Land
  • Hangar
  • Land of Vehicles
  • Ventilation Shaft
  • Skygate
  • Spaceport
  • Rapid Growth
  • Sturdy Flowers
  • Safety Vest
  • Tangled Passage
  • Waiting For You
  • Feeling Dangerous
  • Dangerous Feeling
  • Secret Clearing
  • Garden? What Garden?
  • House House
  • Haunted Spa (thanks to Axerity for the fix!)
  • Blow The Candles Out
  • Parakeet Bouncer
  • Antigravity
  • Pushing Uphill
  • Happy Dance
  • Harvest Party
  • Gone Fishing
  • Sun Boulevard
  • Milky Way
  • Set The Stage
  • Fragile Existence – Old (major fix)
  • More Unused Levels (big adjustment)
  • Train
  • Train 2
  • Land of Delicacies
  • Appetizer
  • Sideways Fireplace
  • Private Garden
  • Safety Box
  • Safety Box 2
  • Moonrise, Sunset
  • More Unused Levels
  • Turmoil In The Clouds (major fix)
  • Treasure Chest
  • Set The Stage
  • Quarters
  • Experiment
  • Ventilation Shaft
  • Cloud Apartment
  • Baba Fields
  • Outreach (full redesign)
  • Shiny Ladder
  • Hidden Blueprints
  • There And Back
  • Smelting Facility (thanks to Axerity for suggestions!)
  • Exclusive Membership
  • Once More With Feeling!
  • Where Am I Going?
  • Seeing A
  • Fertile Ground
  • Supply Route
  • Planet Baba
  • Destructive Presence
  • Baba Needs Friends
  • Keke The Guard
  • Seasons
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

Baba is You – Ver. ??? (Baba Make Level Update)

  • Release date: November 17th 2021 (North America, Europe) / November 18th 2021 (apan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available yet. This update brings the following:

  • The official level editor, complete with tutorials!
  • The ability to share your levels with other players!
  • The ‘Featured levels’ list – hand-picked puzzles for you to enjoy!
  • Over 150 new puzzles!
  • Over 100 puzzles that showcase unused designs and cut content!
  • New objects, art, music and effects!
  • A lot of additional tweaks, bugfixes, and polish!
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli (YouTube)

Baba is You – Ver. 1.0.5

  • Release date: December 16th 2019 (North America) / December 17th 2019 (Europe)
  • Patch notes:

Fixes & tweaks

  • Fixed a small ending-related visual bug if the grid is enabled
  • Fixed a rather severe oversight where certain rules were adding events to the undo buffer in the wrong order, causing errors
  • Added an additional check for situations where the player would’ve cleared an area but due to e.g. level repositioning between versions didn’t get the flower for it
  • Fixed a bug where floating Baba and a weak Wall would have a mystery interaction
  • In certain cases where the game would freeze, it displays a special effect instead (this’ll be expanded on and it might not appear in the game at the moment)
  • Large underlying code reworking related to conditionals, not relevant in the game right now but it’s work for the future
  • Related to the above, conditionals with parameters behave in an equivalent way whether the condition has a Not or not
  • Fixed the word Facing not accepting directional words
  • Related to above, made Empty Is work mostly as intended
  • Fixed “Empty Is X” particle effects appearing everywhere even if Empty had a conditional word
  • Added guest credits to “Across”. Apologies to Corey Martin for missing that when adding the level.
  • New option in the settings menu! You can now disable screenshake.
  • There’s a new secret thing in the game!
  • A certain map now has a clear counter like other maps, so you can actually fully finish it. This should retroactively activate if you’ve already cleared the map.
  • Changed the way the level selector works. This shouldn’t affect the playing experience apart from one level adjustment listed below. If you note new bugs with the level selector, I’m very interested in knowing about them.
  • If you’d try to enter two levels at once, the game now opens a menu to pick from.
  • Added a visual indicator for movement that “fails” (i.e. ends up not moving the object). So if Baba moves against a Shifting object, you’ll now get a small visual indicator that some movement happened.
  • Fixed a buggy cutscene.
  • You can now use “Return to map” in a new spot.
  • Fixed a slightly annoying error with how the map cursor is positioned in certain rare situations
  • Fixed a level selection -related bug
  • Fixed a particular Win-condition not working
  • Fixed a rare conditional statement not working
  • Fixed a case of the player not being able to enter a level despite having the map cursor on them
  • Fixed a case of the game trying to enter an erroneous level in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a case of the game ignoring a level if it thought you were trying to enter two levels at once
  • Fixed the game storing sub-second frame timing data improperly; not very important but I guess the game tracks your playtime more accurately now
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in an ending-related thing
  • Fixed a case where the borders of the levels were considered Empty
  • Fixed a rare bug relating to an endgame conditional word
  • Languages! The game now supports 13 languages, with more coming later. Note that the translations only affect the UI and menus; the graphics are English-only. We tried hard to look into localizing it all but it would’ve been too massive of an undertaking. (Please report any issues with the translations, be it on Steam or in-game!)
  • You can now see the version ID in the bottom-left corner of the main menu! Relatedly, I moved away from the two-letter version naming scheme because it could’ve been confusing.
  • The game will get an official level editor in 2020! I’ll make a flashier announcement about that in a bit. Anyway, there have been some underlying changes in preparation for that.

Levels adjusted/changed

  • Whoops
  • Collaborative effort
  • Acrobatics
  • Tectonic Movements
  • Seeking Acceptance
  • Heavy Cloud (this might actually be a large change)
  • Keke And The Star
  • The Heist
  • Gallery
  • Backstage
  • Maritime Adventures
  • Elusive condition
  • Floodgates (used to have tons of rules, adjusted the level to have the same idea with less fixed rules)
  • A Way Out?
  • Another Way
  • ???
  • Meteor Strike
  • Triplets (a large unintended solution)
  • Rocky Road (changed Foliage to Rocks to keep the name sensible)
  • Hidden Path
  • Out At Sea (added water that I had removed during development for the name to make some sense)
  • Tunnel (the level didn’t utilize the intended mechanic)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

Baba is You – Ver. 1.0.4

  • Release date: May 9th 2019 (North America) / May 10th 2019 (Europe)
  • Patch notes:

Fixes & tweaks

  • Promoted Skull House to an extra level
  • Added Lovely House to where Skull House used to be
  • Some underlying work for potential future features
  • Replaced Secure Cottage with Fireplace
  • New level: Pillarwork! Located where Fireplace used to be
  • New option to disable particle effects
  • Shuffled levels a bit in Cavern
  • Fixed a colourization error in one of the endings
  • Fixed the area completion effect not staying in the correct place in some cases
  • Made background particles appear & disappear correctly when toggling the corresponding option in the settings menu
  • You can now adjust the game’s window size when in windowed mode by pressing Control + 1/2/3 etc (this might become a proper settings option eventually)
  • Fixed a crash in Ultimate Maze (probably not fully)
  • Reduced Garden’s required level count for clearing
  • Fixed background particles in one particular case appearing wrong
  • Added 3 new levels! I’ll try to refrain from adding any more because that’s not very elegant, but here we are for now. You can find one of them in Rocket Trip as a variant for Horror Story.
  • Changed “Force default colours” to “Force high-contrast colours” and made the setting use a slightly altered palette. This’ll be adjusted further in the future if needed.
  • “Fixed” a bug with Empty (that is, added a solution that doesn’t fix it fully but makes it less of an issue)
  • Started implementing a larger code structure related to Empty in preparation for future use and to fix a particular bug
  • Swapped the order of Garden’s extra levels since it makes much more sense that way
  • Made control icon positioning work even if the player adjusts the zoom type during gameplay
  • Added a pause menu control hint to Where Do I Go?
  • Fixed level numbering in a lategame area
  • Fixed the level cursor not recognizing a level in certain situations
  • Fixed the undo & restart tips appearing wrong
  • Got All This Stuff Here completely redesigned! The old puzzle was broken in multiple ways and caused crashes. The replacement is called Ruined Orchard.
  • Adventurers redesigned; the idea is the same but in a less frustrating configuration
  • Actually fixed the undo/restart message
  • Fixed multiple syntaxes that worked despite not being supposed to (Baba Not Is You and so on)
  • Fixed completed level outline effect appearing wrong for some players
  • Made certain directional rulewords work slightly more consistently
  • Made certain secrets behave more consistently
  • Fixed a rare inconcistency in how Tele works
  • Changed the way the game writes text in preparation for potential translations
  • Fixed a situation where an object didn’t have a corresponding word
  • Added a safety measure in cases where the game doesn’t know where to load the player into
  • Fixed an issue where the game skipped the intro in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with undoing a Floating object being destroyed
  • Fixed the area completion effect not staying in the right position in certain cases
  • Fixed a case where the pause menu might not render text properly
  • The game checks certain rules more thoroughly when you start a level
  • Fixed a very very rare crash that mostly affected only my own development work
  • Fixed the final instance of inconsistent level placement
  • Fixed a couple cornercases with conditional rules
  • Made certain lategame visual elements easier to read
  • Fixed a very specific functionality related to Open/Shut

Level adjustments

  • Dead End
  • Lock the Door
  • Vital Ingredients
  • A Way Out?
  • Another Way
  • Ghost Friend
  • Pillarwork
  • Entropy
  • Horror Story
  • Trapped
  • Heavy Cloud
  • Torn Apart
  • Tangle
  • Grand Stream
  • Tectonic Movements
  • Across
  • Power Generator
  • Bottleneck (adjusted to be slightly more forgiving)
  • Seeking Acceptance
  • Lovely House (removed a potential red herring)
  • Skull House (removed a potential red herring)
  • Heavy Words (removed a confusing extra structure)
  • Got All This Stuff Here (see above)
  • Adventurers (see above)
  • Automaton
  • Entropy
  • Parade
  • ???
  • Condition
  • Rocky Road (tiny readability improvement)
  • Thicket (made Make’s functionality easier to figure out)
  • Meta (just a small readability adjustment)
  • Hostile Environment (not extremely happy about this adjustment)
  • Delicate Star
  • One-way Entrance
  • Sky Hold
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

Baba is You – Ver. 1.0.3

  • Release date: April 5th 2019 (Europe, North America)
  • Patch notes:

Fixes & tweaks

– Fixed a bug where certain interaction with the word Pull caused an infinite loop
– Repositioned “return to map” in the pause menu
– Fixed an issue with opening the pause menu while a level was restarting
– Fixed a typo in the credits text
– Fixed a bug where the level counter bugged out at 100 levels solved
– Fixed “Disable zoom” saying “Zoom mode” in settings
– Fixed a bug related to the word Tele
– Fixed an infinite loop in Chasm (one remains)
– Fixed the ability to get multiple [REDACTED]
– Fixed several achievements not working
– Fixed the game showing gamepad hints when gamepad is connected but player is playing using the keyboard
– Made the crash in “Love is out there” harder to get – it’s still there so this needs more work
– Fixed a lua error in A Way Out?
– There’s a new zoom mode – stretch!
– Fixed the ABABA bug
– Fixed a bug where the sound crackles when fading
– Fixed the general sound snap bug
– Fixed the bug where alt-tabbing reduces performance greatly
– Fixed an infinite loop related to “Word”
– Alleviated the issue with multiple Push objects in a row. Still ways to go with that, though
– Swapped two secret levels to make certain secret stuff flow better
– Two new levels! One is in the Solitary Isle area, one is hidden
– Coronation promoted to an extra level
– Levels shuffled around in Cavern a bit
– Fixed an infinite loop related to “Pull”
– Fixed a newly-introduced bug related to “Not”
– Fixed a bug where undoing didn’t revert certain qualities
– Fixed a bug where the main map included unintended areas as being required for completion
– New fix for audio issues
– Fix to an area not getting the “completed” flower
– Fix to the new zoom mode potentially not working
– Fix to save slots 2 & 3 sometimes bugging when you start a fresh game on them
– Fixed a level with “Cliff” not appearing properly as an object
– Fixed a lua error related to undoing when Float is involved

Level adjustments to at least these levels

– Prison
– A Way Out?
– Ghost Friend
– Backstage
– Grand Stream
– Maritime Adventures
– Alley
– Further fields (promoted into an extra level)
– A way out?
– Got all this stuff here
– Meteor rain
– Stardrop
– Queue
– The pit
– Catch the thief!
– Endless Corridor
– Meta
– Tunnel
– Overgrowth
– Elusive Condition
– Condition
– The End
– Passing Through
– Coronation
– Metacognition
– Adventure
– Buried Treasure
– Depths
– Another Way
– Insulation
– Secret Garden
– Babas Are You
– Guardians

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Hempuli

How to download updates for Baba is You for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Baba is You, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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