ARMS: spectator mode coming later this month, Max Brass (playable) next month

During the ARMS Direct presentation, last month, Nintendo announced that ARMS would get regular content updates, adding new characters, maps, stages, and more. And yesterday, during Day 3 of Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3, we got some details and even a demonstration for the first bits of DLC for the game.

During the presentation, Kosuke Yabuki (Producer) explained that the first update will add the same Spectator Mode that was used during the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational on Day 2 of E3 2017.

That update will be released later this month, but we don’t know on which day yet. There’s no doubt it will also include various balance changes, fixes, and other tidbits. Hopefully, Nintendo provides detailed patchnotes, like they did for Splatoon!

The second update for ARMS will be released in July, and will add a “new” character: Max Brass, who will become playable. And that very character was showcased during the Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 livestream. If you missed it, no problem: here’s the official recording!

And here’s some screenshots for Max Brass:

Kosuke Yabuki explained that the addition of Max Brass (and other upcoming fighters) will upset the established balance, and players will basically have to adapt every time. It’s a bit like what happened with Splatoon, when new weapons and stages were added.

More details about the upcoming updates will be shared at a later date!

Source: Nintendo



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